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One Entree, Two Plates (& Belle)

When Vince and I were first married, what wouldn’t we have given for six weeks alone, just the two of us and our cat? Who would have ever imagined that “beware of what you wish for” would actually come true almost 29 years later? In spite of the pandemic, loss of revenue and missing our friends, we both feel very blessed. Vince and I are still in love with each other. And most importantly, these days especially, we’re still best friends. Social distancing has been keeping us in close quarters – with our spoiled rotten and beloved cat, Belle.

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Easter in Social Quarantine

Easter Sunday is my favorite day of the year. Besides being the greatest holy day in the Christian faith, it’s a day spent in communal worship singing the happiest and most glorious songs in the hymnal. Waking up on Easter morning with Christ the Lord is Risen Today bouncing around in my head and on my heart is one of the most sublime parts of the holiday. This “social distancing” business totally goes against the grain of the whole splendid celebration.

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