headshot-ianhartWhat I am about to tell you might be the single most important thing – not only for getting yourself into the best shape ever, but for life. You see, we are the only beings on earth who can picture in our minds what we want to be, work toward that picture, and bring it into reality. The secret is that your thoughts become things. Have you ever heard the saying, “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it”? Well, a wish is really just a thought. When you make a wish you think about what you want and put energy out into the world. Your thought pattern is actually a frequency just like a satellite dish that sends a signal out to allow you to watch your favorite TV show.

Amazingly, many people give no energy to controlling their thoughts and are ruled by their emotions, desires and entertainment “fixes.” They walk through life ruled by external things: a new toy, food, alcohol, cigarettes, and a million others. You can actually tell what thoughts dominate a person’s mind by their words and actions; and those actions are a great indicator of where they are in life, whether it’s good or bad, and why. For example, in fitness, you might desire to lose 20 lbs, but your brain says, of some healthy food, “I don’t want to eat that, that doesn’t taste good”; and so you don’t, because you have always given in to your gustatory desires. What I am telling you to do is be aware of your thoughts and talk to your brain, telling it that what you’re eating is good for your mind and body. Reprogram any negative or unhealthy thoughts and turn them into positive ones.  One key factor that successful people have in common is their ability to “manufacture” their own optimism even in gloomy circumstances. This has been true for people who have survived a holocaust, to top athletes, to people who obtain the figure they’ve always wanted.

Use these techniques to bring your fitness vision to reality.

1) Start thinking about what you DO want and never focus on what you don’t want. What you don’t want is a manifestation of fear and is energy focused in the wrong direction. If you want the best body ever, write down your goal, visualize it happening and then go to work on it.

2) Be grateful for everything that you have. If you lose a pound of fat, celebrate and be happy, but don’t destroy what you have gained by reverting to old negative patterns. Every time you start complaining or whining, it is a sign of being ungrateful, and life will, in turn, only bring you more things to complain about.

3) Manufacture your own optimism by thinking good thoughts, even when you may perceive things as “bad.” Keep in mind that nothing is good or bad; it is only your perception of things that make them good or bad.

4) Don’t worry about the gloomy “what ifs,” because nobody knows what will happen in the future; all you can do is focus on the ideal outcome. “But what if I get sick?” “What if I am not strong enough?” “What if I lose my job and can no longer afford it?”

Well, what if you focused on only the positives things and your life became amazing?

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