ask-yogi-rooftop2Last week at YogaFest, I was lucky to have my first formal Reiki experience.  Under the capable hands of Reiki Master Ifetayo White and practitioner Lisa Lowther, the healing power of Reiki swept into my life like a holistic tsunami.

Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing method originating in Japan and Tibet that has been passed down from master to practitioner for centuries.  At a cellular level, we know that hands can be healing.  The soft touch of a friendly hand on your shoulder, the healing hands of a mother on her child— even if we cannot give words to the feeling that we get from a reassuring touch, there is no doubt that it can be powerful.

When working with pranayama, or breath, I often tell my yoga students to bring their hand to the part of the body where they want the breath to go.  The simple act of touch can help direct the prana, the life force, right where we want it to go.  In many ways, Reiki works this way.

According to Tanmaya Honervogt, author of The Power of Reiki , “Reiki is a natural and simple healing method which allows you to absorb more life force energy.”  This energy flows through the Reiki practitioner, the giver, to the receiver, often through touch.  The Reiki practitioner does not direct energy, but instead helps it flow.

Some experiences are difficult to put into words, and Reiki is a perfect example .  One of my students beautifully described her experience as feeling as if butterflies were hovering over her body, as she felt the energy tingling in her body.

All of the Reiki practitioners that I have had the pleasure to meet have something in common:  their kindness and mindfulness is apparent the moment that you meet them.  If any treatment is approached from this place of love, true healing can occur.

When you approach the Reiki table with an open heart and an open mind, the energy can flow through you.  Even if you do not believe it, you may feel it.  The healing hands of Reiki can heal hearts and minds with the simplicity and beauty of human touch.

If you are interested in Reiki, and want to “try before you buy,” consider attending the Free Reiki Cinic held every month at Where Body Meets Soul, 1606 B Paris Ave in Port Royal, or at the Solstices and Equinoxes at Dancing Dogs Yoga.  The next free  clinic is Sunday, October 17th from 1-4pm at Where Body Meets Soul. For more information, contact Ifetayo at (802) 730-3071 or email or

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