headshot-ianhartNo matter the topic we’re discussing, when it comes to fitness, there is so much misinformation on the market that everyone is confused about how to get to where they want to be. The seven laws that I uncover below are not about what exercise to do or how to eat, but the mindset, which is more important than actually executing the science behind fat loss, muscle toning or whichever goal you are trying to achieve.

1) Know your dream: Know what your goal is and write it down. Include specifics – you must know exactly what you want or else you will get lost along the way. It has been proven that once you write your goals down and visualize them you automatically increase your chances of achieving them. One caveat is that you must first believe it is possible. So set achievable, realistic goals.

2) Embrace the work: One of my favorite books is “The Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck.  One of the things he talks about in the book is that once you accept that life is difficult, it is no longer difficult. The same goes for training: once you accept that you have to put in work to get to your goals, it’s no longer work. It just becomes the norm, like getting out of bed and brushing your teeth.

3) You are no different: Fit people are no different from you; they were just programmed earlier than you to take care of their bodies, work hard to get to their goals and stay with them. Anyone can get in good shape, no matter who they are; don’t play the victim.

4) Ruthlessly consistent: Be ruthless with your time and protective of your training hour. Block out a time to exercise and don’t deviate whatsoever. Act like you need it to live like water, because quite honestly, you do. To really live and enjoy life to the utmost, you must be physically fit.

5) No fear and no hesitation: When it comes to investing in your health, don’t hesitate or let fearful thoughts stop you. I believe we were put on this planet for one thing and that is to make the most of what we have (mind, body and soul), and then give back to each other. If you are not in good physical condition because you’ve chosen to be unhealthy and not take care of yourself, then you are not honoring your creator.

6) Let go of the critic within: Stop feeling guilty for small or negligible things like… letting yourself go, or eating something bad. Move on. You cannot be of service to yourself or others by feeling guilty.

7) When you succeed, help others: If you have a great fitness program that has helped you tremendously, tell others about it, or ask them to come along with you. This will motivate you further, giving you more energy. And transmitting something positive that you have received, that will improve the life of another person, is what life is all about.

Again, don’t just read this and say that’s true, I’ll do it later. In a previous article, I spoke about Action Takers. You must take action now! Sit down right now, write out your goals and put them where you’ll see them every day. Take 10 minutes a day to visualize where you want to be and then go out there and achieve it!

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