headshot-ianhartI did a poll on Facebook asking what people would like me to write about in my next Lowcountry Weekly article and got a few glib responses asking me to write about The Cost of Joining the EarthFIT Personal Training Facility. Initially I believed the topic wouldn’t add much value to readers – which is my goal in writing these articles. But then I thought maybe I could write an article that relates to the question and put the question back in the consumers’ court.


The program is not about money. First and foremost we want to make sure that our future clients are serious about getting results and value their health because we are serious about their results and committed to reaching their goals. When someone asks: What are your prices?, right off the bat, it tells me three things:


1. They are bargain hunting for their health

2. They have a price tag on their health

3. They don’t know our value


Each of these is dangerous territory, and from my experience, those questions reveal a scarcity mentality. If people want to get to a goal badly enough they figure out a way and they start by asking different question versus just referring to price.  We have people who clean our facility or join our referral program in exchange for training. If a person really wants to achieve his/her goal, there is always a way. This is true for not only a fitness program, but life in general. We’re not “just a gym” that hopes you sign up for a year, but show up for 2 weeks and never come back. We put our energy into each person that walks through the door through education, accountability and support.



In a previous article I wrote about how in America, we are fortunate to have all our basic needs met: food, shelter and clothing. Once those basic needs are met, health should be the next on the list. Health can’t be bought; it is one of those invaluable things that was given to most of us for free and should be cherished and nurtured before most anything else because without it, we have nothing. But people take it for granted and are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a year on fast food, unnecessary technology, alcohol, surgeries, medication, cell phone bills, cable bills,  useless entertainment, etc. So the question is: What would the items below be worth to you? What value would you place on:



·   Doubling your energy so you can spend more time with your kids or doing a favorite hobby

·   Looking and feeling 20 years younger and literally reversing the aging process

·   Losing all the excess fat on all your trouble spots and getting rid of the jiggle

·   Boosting confidence and self-esteem

·   Reducing life insurance payments

·   Increased productivity at work and home

·   Preventing and eliminating the taking of expensive and dangerous meds

·   Staving off anxiety and depression more effectively than with pills

·   Better sleep patterns

·   Boosting your immune system and metabolism permanently

·   Increasing recovery time from surgeries or illnesses

·   Improving posture, flexibility and mobility

·   Improved strength, endurance and cardio

·   A better sex life

·   Eliminating back pain and other aches and pains

·   Having your workout and meals planned so you don’t have to think about it

·   Longer, healthier, more active years



What if you could have all that in only 2 hours a week? Really analyze and be honest with yourself. What are you paying for when it comes to your health and fitness? Do you know what’s right for your body? Or do you just wing it? Are you putting less important things before your health? Do you want average-to-no results, or real, fast and permanent results? Your life will mirror the investments in yourself.


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