Author: Ian Hart

Forgiveness is Freedom

We are not only responsible for our actions, we are also responsible for our INACTIONS that are keeping us small and affecting our energy levels. The action many people neglect, the one that is affecting their health, is letting go, forgiving, or saying “I’m sorry” for harms committed to ourselves or someone else.

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Break Free

When under stress or in a threatening situation, we will tend to revert back to our lowest form of habit. When the mind perceives a threat, we may unconsciously reach for cake, graze on potato chips, binge drink, or even do something much worse. Just fill in your worst habit that you continue to repeat in order to cope or avoid feelings.

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More Movement, Less Fear, More Happiness

More Movement, Less Fear, More Happiness A client recently told me that one of her friends is thinking of joining local a training facility, but the friend is afraid that she won’t be able to keep up. She worries that her body is too out of shape to get started. She has had a myriad of health concerns and is only in her 30s, but her fear of an exercise program is greater than her health fears at this point. Her fear of exercise is not uncommon, but it is an attitude that I would like to address.

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Body-Mind Transformation

Make a Habit of It Would you like to learn how to AUTOMATICALLY implement habitual actions that improve your health, energy, body and mind so that you are more productive at work, have more time and energy for your loved ones ,as well as your hobbies?

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5th Annual Exercise-a-thon

The Wardle Family YMCA of Beaufort County, located at 1801 Richmond Ave., in Port Royal will host its 5th annual Exercise-a-thon Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 8 am to 12 pm. This unprecedented 4-hour event invites everyone to participate in aerobic exercises including kickboxing, power circuit, spinning, Tabata, yoga, water aerobics and more. The cost is $10 per person to participate; however, donations beyond $10 are more than welcome. Non YMCA members are encouraged to participate and will receive a complimentary Y day pass as an added thank you!

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Holy Yoga Connects Body and Spirit

Beginning June 1, yoga practitioners in Beaufort County will have a whole new style of yoga to practice, play and pray with. Holy Yoga, a Christian faith-based practice of yoga, will be led by Beaufortonian and Registered Holy Yoga Instructor (R-HYI) Carrie Carper.

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The Y. So Much More.

Everyone knows about the YMCA, right? Is it possible to never experience a YMCA? Sure . . . but hopefully not on our watch. Maybe you know our name, but haven’t taken the time to really get to know us. Maybe the name conjures immediate visions of the Village People, or a weight room filled with intimidation.

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The Lucky One

There has been a great deal of press lately about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Angelina Jolie, one of the world’s most beautiful women, shocked everyone by disclosing she had a prophylactic mastectomy because she carries a “faulty” BRCA1 gene. She also discussed plans for further surgery to reduce her risk for ovarian cancer, which is what killed her mother at age 56.

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Your Kid Needs Fitness

More than ever in the history of childhood, kids are moving less and eating… well, let’s be honest… crap. Drinks loaded with sugar, and snacks with additives and preservatives that are impossible to pronounce.

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Eliminate Belly Fat With Some Zzzzz?

  We all feel tired at times. And for some of us, weariness is a constant feeling. Many of us practically live with our fingers on the snooze button. And when we’re awake, some of us never really get going. It’s like being in a constant haze.

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