Author: Ian Hart

FEAR: False Expectations Appearing Real

Have you ever had a deep desire to do something but never seized the moment because it wasn’t the right time, or you decided that you were going to wait until you had enough money, or until your kids got older; you know, the ubiquitous excuses for everything in life? The reason for not doing what you desire doesn’t actually matter because you can always find a “good” excuse for not doing something.

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Taking Out Your Trash

  Most people have a desire to be in a better place tomorrow than they are today. It’s part of what makes the human race advance – the need to improve and be better. It doesn’t matter what the goal is. It could be physical, emotional, professional, spiritual, etc. Some people get to where they want to be faster than most, while others never achieve anything they wanted in life.

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Must You Calorie Count?

If you’re like most people, as soon as you hear the words, ‘counting calories’, you encounter anything from a slight feeling of anxiety to full blown dread. Calorie counting is not something that most people enjoy, and oftentimes, I find that most people are unaware that it’s something that’s necessary for successful weight loss.

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Get A Better Booty

Talking about the booty never gets boring, especially when it’s bathing suit season. More and more today, not only are booties getting bigger, but there is also an epidemic that has emerged, called “gluteal amnesia.” Gluteal Amnesia refers to the lack of activation or firing of the gluteal muscle fibers and can lead to a multitude of issues. What that means is that derrieres are getting bigger but the muscles in them are getting smaller; not a good thing for anyone. To eradicate Gluteal Amnesia, we want to melt the fat and add muscle to eliminate numerous problems that I will explain below.

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Read Your Labels

In life, as in health and fitness, we are inundated with information, trends and fads telling us what’s good for us. Some are – for lack of a better phrase – blatant lies. But how do we sift through the masses of data to decipher what really is the truth? This is a tricky topic, especially since it seems that the lies are based on some form of the truth.

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Save Time, Get Better Results

Health and fitness is a big focus for us – well, at least it should be. At the very least, it’s a topic of conversation and even debate… often among the misinformed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen marketing gimmicks being hyped up and sold to the unsuspecting masses that are desperate to look like the models in the infomercials; or, how often I’ve walked into gyms and have seen people doing a workout routine they just googled and printed out. At least they get credit for trying, right?

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Don’t Act Your Age!

Who hasn’t had someone tell you, at one time or another, to “act your age”? Well, as we get older, not all of us actually want to – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Though you may not be able to live forever, the good news is that you can add years to your life if you get off the couch and break a sweat.

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Eat Smart, Get Fit, and Be Healthy!

The numbers are in: about 30.9 percent of our South Carolina residents are obese, and this extra weight increases their risk for heart disease, diabetes, several forms of cancer, and other serious medical conditions. While obesity rates may not be news to many of us, we’re bringing this issue up now because March is the annual National Nutrition Month. But forget what month it is. The point is it’s a reminder to all of us to eat healthy and exercise regularly.

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Calm the Beast Inside with Regular Exercise

Do you sometimes feel frustrated by events or circumstances beyond your control, but don’t know how to blow off steam in a healthy, constructive way? If so, you will be interested to know that exercise provides a positive outlet for all that pent-up emotion that’s eating at you.

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