conrack movieThe Center for the Arts and Beaufort Theatre Company will hold auditions for CONRACK, a musical based on Pat Conroy’€™s famous semi-autobiographical novel ‘€œThe Water is Wide,’€ on June 20 and 21 from 6 – 7:30 pm in the CFA auditorium. The production is scheduled for October.

CONRACK begins with the superintendent of schools in Beaufort, SC, 1960’s, who is desperate for anyone to teach school on Yamacraw Island. The school there has been totally neglected by the school system – no books, no blackboard, no attention being paid to the students. In fact, one has to take a boat from the mainland to even reach the island.

Into this hornet’s nest walks Pat Conroy, almost thirty, idealistic the way only a 60’s hippie could be, and recently fired from his twentieth job in five years. He is only too happy to answer the ad for a teacher, especially since Dr. Piedmont informs him that “no experience is exactly what I’m lookin’ for.”

When Conroy meets the children -€“ Cindy Lou, Mary, Prophet, Anna, Top Cat, and Richard -€“ he discovers that they can scarcely read or write, they know little math, and they are wildly undisciplined . . . but their anger barely conceals their desperate need for a teacher who will actually care. Conroy is determined to be that teacher for them.

CONRACK production team will include: Granville Burgess, director; Bonnie Hargrove, producer and assistant director; Jordan Plair, music director; Christopher Crabb, Choreographer, Greg Rawls, set design. Pat Willcox , costume designer, Scott Gibbs, Gullah Culture Consultant.

CAST includes

2 males (white): 1 age 30-ish; 1age 40+

4 females (African-American) 3 ‘older’€: age 50+; 1 30s and very attractive.

2 males (African-American) : age 50+

3 female children, ages 8-16 (African-American)

3 male children, ages 8-16 (African-American)

If you are interested in auditioning please bring a non-returnable photo. Please wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to sing 16 bars from a Broadway musical. You will need to provide sheet music or pre-recorded music. Musical theatre experience is preferable but not required. For additional information, please contact the Center for the Arts 843-521-4145.


conrack granville burgessGranville Wyche Burgess is a playwright, lyricist, novelist, director, actor, producer, and teacher. His plays, musicals, and teleplays have been produced nation-wide and on network and cable TV. An EMMY nominee, he has received numerous grants, including the National Endowment for the Humanities. He is the author of two screenplays, a novel about Shoeless Joe Jackson, and a children’s book. He has produced, directed, or acted in over fifty musicals and plays.

Granville is co-founder and CEO of Quill Entertainment Company, a nonprofit dedicated to creating and producing original history musicals. He is a graduate of the Philips Exeter Academy, Princeton University (magna cum laude) and the Catholic University of America (MFA) and has taught acting, directing, playwriting, and screenwriting at numerous schools and theaters.

Born in Greenville, SC, Granville lives in Greenwich, CT with Reba Beeson, his Amish-Mennonite wife. They have four children: Emily, Loring, Morgan, and Clara.

Top photo: Hume Cronan and Jon Voidt in the movie ‘Conrack.’