AuntPearlieSueBeaufort’s beloved singer, story-teller, Anita Singleton-Prather, will perform at United Nations headquarters this month in New York City.

Singleton-Prather was invited to appear as her popular persona, Aunt Pearlie Sue, as part of the U.N.’s historic launching of UN-SONG, a project to promote inclusion, recognition and contributions of people of African descent. It is intended to bring further attention to the U.N. General Assembly’s goals in promoting the International Decade for People of African Descent and its 2030 Agenda on promoting Equality & Inclusion.

Speakers will highlight how a collective effort, political will and cultural investments are imperative for ending all forms of racial barriers. They include Angela Rye, CNN Commentator and NPR Political Analyst, Dr. Blakely, Queen Mother of Harlem, and others.

Singleton-Prather will sing and tell a story to the audience of representatives from around the world. She says the invitation offers a special opportunity. “I am sincerely honored and humbled to be selected for this meaningful project. It is so necessary in these times of tension and strife to promote inclusion and respect for people of African descent in America and throughout all nations. Whatever our color, we are all God’s children.”

This special invitation comes at a time when Singleton-Prather faces loss of her old family home in Beaufort due to her inability to pay off a high-interest loan. The loan was for necessary renovations in the 100-year-old house to make it safe and habitable for Singleton-Prather and her young grandchildren. Neighbors and friends have been raising money to help raise the required $39,000 to pay off the loan. Parties, fish fries, car washes and bake sales were organized. Penn Center, honored Singleton-Prather this year for her good works. A dinner was held there recently to help raise funds.

In addition to performing, Singleton-Prather is also an historian and ordained minister; professions which largely go unpaid. But, she has dedicated her work to helping others, lifting the self-esteem of black children, preserving Gullah history and advancing the artistic and cultural accomplishments of the Gullah people.

For more information call (843) 263-5229 or the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce at (843) 986-1102. You may also visit Aunt Pearlie Sue’s Facebook page.