‘Egret with the Blues’ by Kris Peterson

Twelve local artists in Beaufort’s Pigeon Point neighborhood will be opening their studio spaces to the public on Saturday, October 14th from 10 am to 2 pm.

Maps for the self-guided art walk will be available at the entrance to Pigeon Point Park and at each location. In addition, each stop on the walk will be marked with a colorful sign. Parking is available at the park and along the street.

Pigeon Point artist Kris Peterson is one of the event organizers. Though her mother was an artist, Kris just started painting about five years ago, following an inspiring beginner pastel class with local artist Beth Williams.

“Through the two years of Covid, I relied on an online art group instructed by Alain Picard,”

‘X Marks the Spot’ by Anne Dickerson

says Peterson. “Honestly, painting kept me sane then and now. Or helped to, anyway.”

Peterson was inspired by the Freedman Arts District Tour last March. “I was sure the many artists in Pigeon Point could also effectively

present a showcase of their work, using the other tour as a model,” she says. “While this is our first Art Walk, we have barely touched the number of talented artists in the area who may be interested in joining a future event. We decided to keep this year’s walk relatively small, and then evaluate its success to determine whether we promote a second year.”

Peterson’s Art Walk co-coordinator Anne Dickerson is a quilter with a long, colorful history with needle and thread.

“When I was about 10 years old, I made the crazy decision to start sewing my own clothes,” she says. “My mother turned me loose with her sewing machine and my clothing style became extremely unique. In retrospect, mildly embarrassing.”

Jewelry by Helena Appleton

“Years later, after sewing my ‘trousseau,’ I had three children in fairly rapid succession and needed to find a creative outlet that didn’t involve sitting at a sewing machine and quite so many pins,” Dickerson continues. “I gave up clothes making for quilt making, doing all the sewing by hand in the early days, and I’ve never looked back. I helped found the Charlotte Quilter’s Guild in the early 80’s and soon after switched to the more efficient process of machine piecing and quilting. Through all these years, fabrics have brought me continual excitement and inspiration – the endless array of colors and patterns! The creative process of designing and then the tactile, meditative energy of sewing pieces together to create something completely original. And ultimately, the heart-warming satisfaction of seeing children and grandchildren cuddled in quilts made specifically for them! I hope to continue to be a fabric hoarder and happy quilter for as long as the eyes and fingers are willing!”

During the Pigeon Point Studio Art Walk, a wide variety of art mediums and styles will be available to enjoy,

Stained Glass Fish by Lorri Motes

along with items for purchase. In addition, most artists will share their workspace/studio and process with interested attendees.

Participating artists include: Helena Appleton (Unique Jewelry); Sandi Atkins (Felted Art); Kelly Carvalho (Handcrafted Signs); Pat Derrick (Quilted Items); Anne Dickerson (Quilts); Joan Furlong (Botanical Art + Photography); Susan McCarthy (Oil Painting); Lorri Motes (Stained Glass); Kris Peterson (Pastel Painting + Cards);  Steve Weeks (Oil Painting); Martha Weeks (Novelist); Brenda Voorhees (Mixed Media).

Mark your calendars for October 14, grab a few friends, and enjoy an artful autumn stroll through one of Beaufort’s most walkable neighborhoods. For more information, email krispeterson811@gmail.com