Jenan Mcclain

Transport yourself into a world where vibrant colors dance with eloquent words at FLOW Gallery + Workshop during artist Jenan Mcclain’s Painting and Poetry Exhibition. From August 9 to August 12, immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring exhibition showcasing the artistic brilliance of Charleston’s own Jenan Mcclain, compliments of the Arts Initiative at Palmetto Bluff.

Through her unique approach to painting, Mcclain intertwines threads of emotion and imagination, extending an invitation to delve into the profound depths of limitless creativity. Take advantage of this exquisite fusion of painting and poetry, an unforgettable journey for the senses at the Bluff.

An inherent passion of Jenan’s since childhood, her painting flourished after a series of life-changing events, enabling her to tap into the intuitive process behind the brush. She attended The Fine Arts Center in Greenville, South Carolina, and, under the mentorship of the talented Jim Campbell, first experienced the beautiful beginnings of meditative creation.

Mr. Campbell was a key influencer for her, relaying the message of art meeting the soul’s readiness and willingness to discover true beauty within one’s work. Throughout her travels, Jenan often found inspiration in her natural surroundings, which governed many of her earlier works. She spent her summers creating art programs for elementary school youths and sharing her passion for the brush with them.

Drawn to water’s calming yet powerful sustaining life force, Jenan finds inspiration from it and believes it is universally inherent to all living beings. Primarily working in acrylic paint and oil pastels, Jenan’s recent body of work is strongly influenced by the surrounding salt marshes and lovely florals along the South Carolina coast. Her work is heavily textured, and the rich vibrancy of her emotional pieces is felt through beautiful colors and lavish layers.

Palette & Pen – An Evening of Painting and Poetry with Jenan Mcclain 

Wednesday, August 9, 4pm. FLOW Gallery + Workshop. 76 Boat House St, Bluffton, SC. Complimentary

Embark on a poetic journey as we warmly welcome talented Charleston, SC-based painter, and poet Jenan Mcclain to the Bluff. Prepare to be enchanted as Jenan unveils the depth of her artistic prowess through a mesmerizing poetry reading and writing experience. Witness the power of words as she shares insightful verses, evoking a range of emotions within each listener. Join us for an evening of inspiration where the written word and visual art converge, leaving an indelible imprint on the soul.

Collection Viewing + Meet the Artist

Friday, August 11, 2pm-5pm. FLOW Gallery + Workshop. 76 Boat House St, Bluffton, SC. Complimentary

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