Charles Street Gallery to host international poetry reading

Celebrate National Poetry Month with the Otram Slabess Group at the Charles Street Gallery’s third annual International Poetry Reading.

Readers include a poet laureate of the state, Warren Slesinger, and other Otram Slabess members. The group takes its name from a 13th-century Persian poet who believed poetry could cause “great effects in the order of the world.” Each poet will contribute a cherished poem or two from the wide world of acknowledged masters and original work.

“Poetry is not a form of entertainment, and in a certain sense not even a form of art, but our anthropological, genetic goal, our linguistic, evolutionary beacon.” Joseph Brodsky, a political refugee from the Ukraine, said that. It was an international network of poets that helped him to escape from the old USSR, where he was considered a “parasite,” to this country, where Brodsky was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1987 and became the US Poet Laureate in 1991.

So beckon to the beacon. Help Warren Slesinger, Quitman Marshall, Teresa Bruce, Karen Peluso, Jacquelyn Markham and Steve Johnson celebrate poetry and the art around us. The program will be followed by open mic for poets and aficionados in attendance.

Beckon to the Beacon happens at the Charles Street Gallery in Beaufort, 914 Charles St, Saturday, April 24, at 4 PM. Admission is free.