IllegalUndocmentedDr. Veronica Lynch’s new book shares her journey to American citizenship  

Integrative health coach and author Dr. Veronica R. Lynchhas released her latest book, Undocumented: One Woman’s Traumas and Triumphs in Becoming a Documented United States Citizen. Her new book chronicles her journey as a young teen escaping her Caribbean Island hometown in search of safety and freedom in America.

It provides a record of the treatment and reclusion she faced as an undocumented immigrant and the struggles she faced to become a documented citizen. 

In Undocumented, Dr. Lynch begins her book with a look at how she arrived in America as an undocumented immigrant, what it took to understand and adjust to the American culture and social norms, and what marginalization felt like. She then provides a harrowing look at what her life was like before arriving to America and the circumstances that forced her to leave her hometown and seek shelter elsewhere. While America presented a young Veronica with many cultural barriers and mistreatments that made her feel alienated, it also presented her with opportunity. Working hard to accomplish her goals and overcoming limiting factors that halted her progress, she was able to become a documented United States citizen and create a career for herself that she had dreamt of since she was a young child. 

Veronica R. Lynch, PhD, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Integrative Health Coach who works proactively with people from all walks of life. Also, as a Licensed Psychotherapist, she helps people rise above adversity and unlock their truest potential in order to find happiness and fulfillment in life. Her new book is for anyone who wants to grow their potential and find their inner voice, leading them towards sustainable success and progress in all areas of life. Her unique techniques, which she has developed throughout the toughest situations in her life, are now being shared with the world. 

Having contributed to several international best-selling books, Dr. Lynch is also credited to having created the “7 Balancing Acts to Wholeness: A System of Personal Revitalization.” She currently manages Blissed: an Inward Sanctuary and Wellness Retreat Center that she founded to provide people an escape from their traumas, recuperate from their daily stress, and leave with a newfound energy and zest for life. 

Dr. Lynch lives on Lady’s Island. For more information, visit