fat-fit-leslie-beaufortWhile returning home from a recent business trip, I found myself amongst a sea of cars inching along the Interstate just outside of Atlanta. For most of us, this situation would be the perfect breeding ground for our tempers to flare and for anger and frustration to take precedence.  Yet, I realized I felt… HAPPY. CONTENT.  INVIGORATED.  Where were these feelings coming from? Moreover, shocker of shockers, a totally unbidden thought popped into my head during this notorious rush hour; I was not only filled with a sense of contentment, but I was actually looking forward to returning home so I could resume my workouts at EarthFIT. What the…? “Where is the real Leslie and what have you done with her?” I thought.

I realized that when I participate in some form of rigorous exercise my body and my mind are the true beneficiaries. Since I began group personal training with EarthFIT just ten short weeks ago, I have witnessed my old thought patterns and perceptions shift in many new directions. My mind has literally become unclogged while my zest for life and creativity have returned. I haven’t seen those old friends since my teenage days!

As I enter the final month of the Fat-to-Fit Weight Loss Challenge, I happily proclaim that I deserve the “Most Improved” award. I am proud of the pounds I’ve shed, the inches I’ve lost and the muscle strength I’ve gained. I appreciate each person who has taken the time to give me positive feedback about my new figure.

I don’t miss for one minute the frequent neck and backaches which used to lodge themselves within my muscles and stay for days. When life’s inevitable stress starts to build and makes a beeline for the dark corners of my body to roost, I can choose to sweat it all out and leave that chump lying on the gym floor.

As the contest draws to a close at the end of this month, I sincerely hope I’m in the winner’s circle. However, if I hear one of my deserving classmate’s names being called, you’ll find me jumping for joy and cheering them on.  The new friends I’ve made at EarthFIT and the camaraderie we share in each workout session will keep me coming back long after the contest ends. I will continue working toward my weight loss and fitness goals and celebrate each milestone I accomplish. Won’t you join me at EarthFIT group personal training and simply…BEGIN?



headshot-ianhartLeslie is experiencing a need for what I like to call a training fix.  As the body adapts to the training, the mind becomes sharper, faster and more focused; and people literally become more alive. The brain sends signals faster and thoughts become clearer. More oxygen flows through the brain and life seems easier and more enjoyable. At this point, the body needs and wants more training.  It wants to keep these feelings going; it wants to feel even better and even more alive. However, these same results are among those that people don’t always realize they can achieve by approaching fitness. Losing weight and burning fat are great results that all of our clients experience, but I really enjoy when they speak of the mental edge they achieve through training.

Leslie has achieved a goal of the mind and body. She broke a barrier on her weight, and with that, a mental wall was also broken down. As those walls collapse, more results are sure to come. I encourage all trainees to do what Leslie has done. Create short and long-term goals, write them down and place them where you can see them on a daily basis. When a goal is achieved, create a newer, more challenging one. Visualize the goal and how you will feel when you achieve it. The mind and body will seek what it envisions.


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