best-of-showThe Society of Bluffton Artists Annual Judged Member Show held its awards presentation and reception on Sunday May 11, with a full house of artists and admirers. This year’s judge, acclaimed artist and art professor from SCAD Daniel E. Smith, gave a thoughtful and concise explanation of why each of his choices were made. The awards, presented in five categories, were as follows:

BEST OF SHOW – The Tree Nymph – Mary Ann Putzier (left)

1st Place – Murray Sease – Wash Down
2nd Place – Mike Nicastre – The Watcher
Honorable Mention – Heidi Fearon – My Lagoon

1st Place – Frank Pinto – Buttons
2nd Place – Barbara Teschner – Hand in Hand
Honorable Mention – Stephen Moscowitz – Day Dreamer

1st Place – Don Theodore – View of the River
2nd Place – Dee Johnson – Iris’Ez
Honorable Mention – Pat Wilund – Poppies

1st Place – Ed Funk – John Boat
2nd Place – Robert Weissman – Coyote Buttes Sandstone
Honorable Mention – Joseph Wolfe – Old Faithful

1st Place – Mary Sullivan – Gravitas
2nd Place – Marsha Leinberger – Triad
Honorable Mention – Nona Rooney – The Prayer Wheel

A special THANK YOU to our sponsors: Carson Realty, Palmetto State Bank, Blick Art Materials, Marty Sherman, Captain Woody’s, Donna Brennan, Pluff Mudd, Katie O’Donads, McCracken Family, The Great Frame Up, Cheap Joe’s who, along with organizer Mary Ann Putzier and her team of show volunteers, made this a very fun and successful show.