Beaufort photographer Gary Geboy will be the featured artist in a one-man show at the Charleston Center for Photography June 26th – July 31st.

In his Artist’s Statement, Geboy writes:

“For this show I am introducing a new series of abstract settings and subjects, which I call “The Lost.” The work spans thirty years of images that haunt me – subjects ignored, forgotten or hidden. They depart from my own dreams and wanderings and arrive in places unfamiliar, difficult to define. For me, “The Lost” represents people and places lost to time. They are understood not by their surroundings or context but by the memories they suggest – a recurring theme in my work.  I have learned to relish blurred lines; we are more alike than different in everything that truly matters.

“I started making these connections in the work published as Transfer Of Grace: Images of the Lowcountry, which is also featured in this show.   Each scene is an environmental impression, purposefully void of detail so that the observer is free to interpret. Some hint at memories and Southern traditions replaced or abandoned in the pursuit of progress. They are a fleeting glimpse of places passing out of currency and I hope these trigger universal feelings about places and beliefs fading yet not forgotten. But photographs can be no more than metaphors for a state of being – a way of transferring the grace along with the loss.”

The Lost will open with a reception from 6 – 8 on Friday, June 26th.  The Charleston Center for Photography is located at 654 King Street, Suite D, in downtown Charleston. For more information, call (843)720-3105 or visit