Nutcracker by Danie Connolly

If your holidays look a little PINKER than normal, you may need to thank Barbie and the phenomenal success of her summer movie – Barbie!  The Nutcracker boys may be back in town, but they’ll have to step aside for a few new ladies that will be gracing Beaufort’s storefronts for the annual “It’s a Nutty Christmas” Nutcracker exhibit.

The 6’ and 4’ colorfully-illustrated Nutcracker boards have grown in numbers (over 75 and counting!) and the local artists creating them have gotten more imaginative with every stroke of their brushes! If you notice a bit more pink in the Beaufort Nutcrackers it just might be the artists answering the call for more girl Nutcrackers and some stylish male uniforms!

This year, Danie Connolly, producer and creator of “It’s a Nutty Christmas”– Nutcrackers created for fundraising events – encouraged the artists to add LADIES to the growing number of Nutcrackers. And indeed, they have! All their efforts will support a great charity serving the Lowcountry – Child Abuse Prevention Associates (CAPA).

“Every year we try to stay abreast to what local communities need the most help and to stay current to what’s trending,” says Connolly. “This year, I think Barbie is going to shake up the Nutcracker men – but in a fun way! Tourists and residents will be sporting big smiles when they see what the local artists have created for downtown Beaufort and beyond!”

The uniquely painted Nutcrackers are ‘rented’ for the holiday season for $100.00. If the businesses want to choose a specific Nutcracker it must be paid for in advance. Otherwise, the Nutcrackers will be dropped off for free with the hopes that the businesses will directly send CAPA a check. (Info about CAPA will be included for their store and customers.)

Is that a risk? The question bears asking.

“I believe that people are intrinsically good and honest and will do the right thing and find it in their hearts to support a charity dedicated to help disadvantaged people
find their way in life,“ says Danie Connolly.

Everyone is encouraged to join the Nutty festivities by taking pictures with the outrageous Nutcrackers. It’s all fun and games, with scavenger hunt weekends, prizes for cute kid photos with the Nutcrackers, the biggest crowd surrounding a Nutcracker, and happiest family photo! There’s even the annual Nutcracker Smile Contest – dentists will choose the goofiest grins, scariest smirks, and sweetest smiles from participating Nutcrackers.

Posters are available to show your friends just how nutty and fun the Beaufort businesses are during the holiday season.

Please add Beaufort’s “It’s a Nutty Christmas” annual exhibit to your own Can’t-Miss-This List while you enjoy shopping in the unique stores, partaking of fabulous food, and discovering Beaufort’s beautiful historical homes. The Nutcrackers will be standing guard Downtown and around Beaufort from Thanksgiving to Christmas waiting for you. It’s the best gift you’ll ever give yourself, family and friends this Holiday Season while benefiting the worthy charity CAPA.

For more information, email Danie Connolly at