fat-fit-leslie-beaufortIt’s game-on at EarthFIT.  I am now in my second week of training and already I feel new muscles in my body being awakened and strengthened.  Does EarthFIT have the magic elixir to undo the damage of years of body neglect?  Quite possibly.  I feel a release of tension throughout my back and neck which those of us who are slaves to a computer can readily identify with. My posture is improving and I am walking taller and with purpose!  An unexpected delight and benefit of exercising is feeling an inner pride about how I am taking care of myself.  I have been surprised to feel a much higher energy level upon completing my workouts and I find I’m accomplishing more in my daily work and life. These workouts provide the catalyst for tackling a day like no cup of coffee could ever do!

Beginning a work-out program has naturally brought a sense of discipline to each of my days. I am learning to treat my group personal training classes just like any other appointment, and that time gets scheduled into my calendar.  By committing myself to these classes – and the Fat-to-Fit Weight Loss Contest – I bring integrity and purpose to my daily life.  The best part is I’m having fun in the process! Also, knowing that I could win an amazing training package at the end of the contest doesn’t hurt either.

In conventional exercise programs, repeating the same exercise routine week after week, for me, quickly becomes boring and I’m apt to quit much sooner. Queue the story of my life thus far: First there was the Jane Fonda video mania, followed by the Solid Gold Dancers workouts, throw in a little Richard Simmons, and… well, you get the idea. I just never could identify myself with dancers in gold leotards! Thankfully, each workout at EarthFIT is different and Coach Ian (there’s really nothing else to call him) leads us in a variety of exercises each time to strengthen and work all core muscles. I am struck by how my body responds when doing an arm exercise – because I also I feel my abs, hamstrings and back all in the mix when executing the move. Even with several classmates of all ages, shapes and abilities, we all receive that special one-on-one attention and support to push ourselves a bit more each time.

While exercise is a key component, nutrition plays a vital role in how well I perform – and compete in the contest. Coach Ian provides us with tips on how we can improve our diet with more fruits, vegetables and lean protein – which fuel our bodies more efficiently to create lean muscle mass. (That explanation makes eating well worthwhile. For years I heard that it was just “good for me.”)  I have committed to bi-weekly weigh-ins, which brings a new level of accountability to my goals in this program. I have also created a health and wellness collage that I keep on my closet door to remind me of the goals, plans and dreams I have for myself. The inspirational quotes and photos help me to stay on course and provide a gentle reminder of what I can do each day to accomplish them.

My enthusiasm and eagerness to exercise continues to grow.  I guess those endorphins are for real! The fact that I am actively participating in my health for the present and future keeps me coming back.  That and the fact that Coach Ian pushes us forward and lets us rock out to songs like “Maniac” and “Eye of The Tiger.”  What else could I ask for?

Tips from the Trainer:


We’re excited to see Leslie, among others, take charge of their lives. She mentioned several great topics that I’d like to discuss a bit:

Posture and strength: Besides fat loss, added benefits of our training program are improved posture & back strengthening, which helps those with sedentary lifestyles exceptionally well. Sitting all day tightens specific muscles and weakens others, creating an imbalance. The longer the person has been living that sedentary lifestyle, the bigger the imbalance.

Time Management/Scheduling: Scheduling the workout just like any other appointment is a major part of becoming successful at living a healthy and fit lifestyle. People who commit to a workout schedule at least 2 times a week can create a habit in a little over a month. On the other hand, people with inconsistent schedules lose focus, create excuses and fall short of their fitness goals. Commitment is the number one factor in success. A minimum of 2 times per week is necessary for results to be seen.

Eating Habits:

Nutrition plays a huge role in fitness. When it comes to losing weight it’s calories in vs. calories out, but there are secrets to pre and post workout meals that can maximize results and add lean muscle faster than would be possible without that knowledge. There are also foods and supplements that can increase the recovery process, decrease the duration and level of soreness and improve energy levels.


Getting the right personal trainer to coach you through the week as well as the training sessions, and hold you accountable to your nutrition and fitness goals can drastically improve your results. This can cut your workout time in half and garner twice the results. Also, studies have proven that accountability through frequent weigh-ins leads to greater weight loss results. Research has also demonstrated that if a person weighs-in less often, their chances for weight gain are greater.