headshot-ianhartA large percentage of people who join a gym and attempt to “work out” never get results – or at least the results they truly desire. What do I suggest? STOP WORKING OUT and start training.

After years of working in large corporate gyms with thousands of members, it became common knowledge that 80 percent of people who sign up for the gym come in with high aspirations, only to stop going after about two weeks. A small percentage will get set up with a trainer and the rest will come in on a consistent basis and “work out.” After a few weeks or months, many of the people who work out will approach a trainer asking “what should I do in my work out, I started to see results at first but then I seemed to plateau.”  Why? It’s because so many people go to the gym and do the same things over and over again because they are unaware of what to do to ensure results.

I love Einstein’s definition of insanity because it applies directly to working out. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Imagine if someone told you they were walking into a wall over and over again and could not understand why a door didn’t appear, what you would think? If you walk three miles in your routine consistently, guess what? It’s time to start jogging or walk four miles. Make sense? That is the only way to see results. Know what it is you want and push for it in systematic steps – or, what is called a training session. Each session needs progress.

If you are not experiencing progressive, continuous results from your workout – then something has to change in order for them to be seen. If you really want to see results, start by tracking. The next time you go to the gym ask yourself, “What is my goal for this specific training session and is it going to help me reach my ultimate goal?” Track calories burned, repetitions and weights per exercise. Track something, ANYTHING, just go a little further each time. Tracking will give you tangible, measurable information to help you in your journey.

A workout is a disorganized, unfocused, sporadic regimen that leads nowhere. A training session is a focused, organized, goal-oriented approach with specific exercises that promote your ultimate goals in the fastest and safest ways possible. In order to achieve your greatest potential and get the results you truly desire – be it a flat stomach, toned hips and thighs, or greater strength – start training and stop working out.