Carol Ann Gretsch!

best-life-ian-hart-carol-gretschWhen she walked into EarthFIT, Carol knew what she wanted. She had short-term goals such as getting out of a chair without her knees hurting, having no shoulder pain, strengthening her core and increasing her energy to go about her daily routine. Longer term, Carol wanted to be a certain weight by her 63rd birthday, which was about 10 months away. I knew we had a challenge in front of us, as I performed the EarthFIT Assessment on Carol, but we were both up for it.

The EarthFIT Assessment evaluates body movement, cardio capacity, muscular strength and endurance. I was able to identify Carol’s imbalances that led to her knee and shoulder pain and create a program that was specific to her goals. Her cardio was low and I can remember her having to stop and take a break after pedaling on the recumbent bike for a minute at a mild intensity. She went through bouts of exhaustion and fatigue, a normal side effect when first starting a training regimen. But through the program we adapted her body to take on more and more. Within three weeks, her knee pain subsided and her energy levels multiplied. However, we hit another roadblock.

Carol, along with millions of Americans, watches numerous reality weight loss shows, and falsely best-life-awards-beaufortbelieved that after three weeks of hard work, the weight would just fall off. She couldn’t understand why she hadn’t already lost 20 pounds. As I explained the process of ‘calories in versus calories out,’ the science of how muscle is the driver of metabolism, how her body is adapting, and how, if done right, each session is a progression to the next level, I could tell that Carol was still a skeptic – but she was a woman on a mission. Her mission was to reclaim her life… and she did just that. I’m happy to announce that Carol Gretsch, a 62-year-old retiree, was the winner of EarthFIT’s Fat-to-Fit Battle, losing 23 pounds in three months! And with her birthday in six months, she has lost a total of 27 pounds and counting… Carol is an inspiration to anyone who wants reclaim their life.

All of the Fat-to-Fit Battle contestants deserve praise for all their hard work and enthusiasm. They all pushed themselves to get to where they are now and have achieved massive successes and body transformations. I’m truly proud of them all.



Carol Gretsch, 62

I began at EarthFit uncertain. I was looking to extend the limits of possibilities. Could I live a life where I could act like the 15-year-old that lives in my mind? How could I become the person who sees something on the floor and automatically picks it up… instead of the person who wonders if she can pick it up? This is about the low toilets in the world that challenge us all as we age in place. How do I keep my “up and down button” working and working well? How do I get in and out of cars or climb stairs without difficulty as I age in place?

best-life-group-beaufortI moved to the LowCountry and imagined using a kayak, riding a bike and long walks taking in the sights and sounds of my new home. I realized I might not be able to do these things and things I have yet to dream about. EarthFit has taught me ways to increase my mobility, boost my stamina and long to do more.

Let no one think this has been easy. I have to give up much to get much. I long for the foods that have filled all our plates. HOWEVER, I have relearned to love fruits and vegetables. There is no food that is taboo. It just may not be good for me.

I ache in ways I didn’t think possible after working hard under the guidance of the trainers at EarthFit. I want to do everything they ask. I break down all the minutes, seconds and reps into 5’s. I can do anything five times that I might not think possible for 10 times or more.

My gains have been remarkable. I often worry that I might be disappointed by my efforts. I have learned to extend my perceived limits.

In a world where The Biggest Losers fill the news with their mind boggling weight loss it is hard not to want that for myself. What I have, instead, is a consistent weight loss as a benefit of participating and engaging in a possibility that has no limit.

I AM going to become older. I will now have a chance to participate in life as I never could, or even imagined I could, before.