headshot-ianhartDo you have a fitness road map? If so, do you plan on sticking to it throughout the summer? I ask because many people have goals they want to reach when it comes to life and fitness. My goal is to help as many people reach their goals as possible. In order to reach them you must have a detailed plan of action or at the very least, a road map. I often hear that many want to lose 20 to 30lbs, desire toned arms and less fat on their hips, thighs and belly. While I love hearing specific goals, I find that many people don’t have a specific plan of action and are unwilling to stop for directions or figure out the truth about how to get there. They want to believe that there is a magic potion. Although weight loss can be achieved very rapidly if using the proper formula, these magic potions don’t exist and never will.


Only solid road maps or detailed plans of action that are carried out habitually will lead you to success. If you have a good, up-to-date road map created by a reliable source, you will greatly increase your chances of achieving your goals. If you do not have a solid road map, you will get lost along the way and maybe even end up in a really bad neighborhood and have a hard time finding your way out.

 My advice is to grab a calendar and mark down every party, every festival and every event where the temptation to binge will be lurking around the corner for the rest of the summer. Plan to work out a little harder each day you participate in such festivities. This will give you energy and confidence at your event – maybe even making you the life of the party!

Be sure to eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains (preferable organic and raw) the day before and after your festivities to help keep calories low and cleanse your body so that you can enjoy yourself without the worry of unnecessary weight gain – keeping you on track to reaching your desired goals.

Everyone likes to have a good time, and with a good plan or roadmap, there’s no reason not to enjoy yourself!

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