wf-bed-racesWe asked our Facebook friends: What’s your favorite Water Festival event – official or unofficial – and why?


Charity Brancho: Do I have to choose just one?


 Bunny Stange Bohannan: Anything that can be done from my boat!!


Becky Beach Romero: My family comes down from Columbia every year to watch the parade with us. The kids love the Shriners little red cars & getting squirted with the guns on the floats:)



 Rocky Browder: Motown Monday and Deas Guyz!


 Joe Farrell: Drinking. Peach margaritas. Made with fresh tree-ripe peaches.


 Carlotta Ungaro: Lowcountry Boil and bocce ball


Robin Wynne Freyburger: Deas Guyz


 Jimmy Searson: I love all of the events of the Water Festival. But my favorites are The Concert in the Park featuring Country Music and The Talent Show

 Karen M. Peluso: Saturday morning’s Toad Fishing contest and the raft races! After the Friday night’s opening by the Marine band and the fireworks, of course!


 Angela Sibley: Bed races, it’s funny to watch them run and keep a hold of the bed


 Sheri Hammond Little: Motown Monday. Best dance night and still a night that’s a little under the radar.


 Joan M. Petrucci: Change of Watch… only ‘cause it is organized by the best Chairman EVER!!! :

 Everett Ballenger: You’re right Sheri – last year Motown Monday was the best ever with Deas Guyz.


Kelley Causey: My favorite Water Festival event is Kids Day. I love all the activities provided for my children. Even my 18 yr old son still enjoys going with me and his younger sister who is now 10. My kids never miss that day and it is the highlight of their year. Each year after that event my children automatically look forward to next years kids day. Its like a federal holiday for them


 Mary Madden Winburn: Toad Fishing


Rick Robotham: Going to jail… Because you can meet the nicest people there.


 Debbie Everett: This will by my first… I’m super excited!! I’m in the raft race on Saturday!! Go CrossFit Beaufort!!


 Howard Morris: Partying at the Beaufort Sandbar


 Carrie Bauer Carper: It USED to be Reggae Night as a teenager and now there’s… ummm…Tropical Tuesday. I think possibly that the Street Dance might be my favorite… if it were in fact still on the street. Oh, never mind.


 Mary Hope Roseneau: The Talent Show, hands down. I love that it’s free if you wear the T-shirt.


Janet Hull: As a child – PARADE! As a teenager – STREET DANCE! As a young adult with a boat that finally allowed me Sandbar Access – AIR SHOW! As a middle-aged resident who’s been to 48 Water Festivals and who hates the heat but loves a deal – VENDOR BOOTHS AT WATERFRONT PARK!

 Charlene Perry Dohman: I love the hi-speed boat races they had in the very beginning. I loved seeing old school friends at the street dance and I loved the bed race! I loved the Toad Fish Tournament and the Ski shows… Ok, ok, the Air Show and the Blessing of the Fleet – my final answers – and snow cones, I loved the snow cones.…


For a complete schedule of Water Festival events, go here.


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