New Spanish Conversation Club to meet at City Java & News

I Love Spanish is starting the New Year with an open invitation to hispanophiles and coffee lovers alike. I Love Spanish and City Java & News will host a free Spanish Conversation Club at the 301 Carteret St. café the last Tuesday of every month at 4pm. The first scheduled Club session will take place on February 24th, 2009 at 4pm at City Java & News. All Beaufortonians who are medium to fluent in Spanish are welcome to attend.  Please bring any materials or ideas to the table to help make the most of a season of Spanish language, literature and culture.
         City Java & News opened its doors in the former Red Carpet Inn in December.  They feature a small conference room in the back and the best cappuccino in town.   Their many pastry selections alone are sure to invoke conversation.  Café Owner, Laura McAlhaney, is delighted to host meetings like the Spanish Conversation Club to help create a culture of community.  
    Josefina Blanc, a native of Chile and head partner of I Love Spanish, will lead the conversation club. She is a passionate linguist, and an avid learner of the many dialects of the Spanish language.
        “Language is alive, and constantly transforming, so even if you have dedicated years of your life to studying it, you can never speak it enough,” says Josefina, who looks forward to steering the conversation toward anything from current affairs to family life, the economy to travel, literature to the arts.
         “The whole point is to create an environment where people feel comfortable around a cup of warm coffee, like in a friend's living room… where we get to know each other and each other's opinions, only through a different linguistic medium. I hope it will feel like taking a trip, only for the mind. I also hope it helps us all look into the richness and diversity of Hispanic culture.”
        I Love Spanish offers a wide range of services.  Not only do they teach Spanish to individuals, but they specialize in legal, corporate and medical translations, as well as court certified interpreting.
    To learn more about I Love Spanish, visit For any questions about the Spanish Conversation Club, please email

The Details
What: Spanish Conversation Club
When: Last Tuesday of Every Month, 4 pm
Where: City Java & News
            301 Carteret Street, Beaufort
Admission: Free