Irene Goodnight has added her stellar touch to the Moon Store on St. Helena, and turned it into a hip boutique.


Complimenting the original inventory of moon calendars, jewelry, and a vast assortment of celestial gifts, Ms. Goodnight now also sells and consigns fun and fabulous vintage clothing, accessories and treasures. Evening gown rentals are being added to the mix.

      The Moon Store was the original home of the Lunarian Calendar Company. Owner and creator Cylla Bonneau designs and publishes calendars that illustrate the nightly phases of the moon. She also creates lunar companion pieces which are astrologically informative about love and romance, business decisions, gardening by the moon, and the many aspects for which people have used the moon to guide them throughout the ages.

      Irene met Cylla several years ago when she owned Frogmore Frolics on Saint Helena and sold the moon calendars in her shop. Irene was lured to Nashville, Tennessee where she spent ten years in the music publishing business. A musician herself, Irene has written and co-written three hundred songs and produced seven albums. But then Cylla became ill, and Irene returned to Beaufort to encourage her to continue creating the calendars. “You never know what you're going to do next.” Irene said when Cylla handed her the keys and asked her to manage The Moon Store.

      In addition to the delightful assortment of articles for sale, which also includes original art and note cards by Barbara LaPlante, Tina Fripp, and other artists, Irene gives guitar and piano lessons at the store. When not there, Irene can be found playing her music at Nippy's in Beaufort and Bobby Joe's Restaurant at the Dataw Marina. “I've been spreading peace and love all my life,” said Irene, “I'm hoping to write a number one song about it.” But for now, you might say, she is simply over the moon.