Beaufort County TV won two Telly Awards for its outstanding work in the 45th Annual Telly Awards competition.

The first award is a Bronze Telly, awarded for “Murdaugh Money Trials,” a piece that followed the Alex Murdaugh trials in relation to his financial crimes. The report included touching personal accounts from the victims of these crimes as well as a personal sentiment from Murdaugh himself.

The second award is a Bronze Telly for the second episode in the “Live Work Play” series and is entitled “Oyster Shell Recycling.” The episode follows S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) employees as they collect recycled oyster shells and ferry them out to several maintained oyster beds. The beds are reseeded each season to allow another generation of oysters to grow, then during oyster season, they are environmentally harvested for our enjoyment.

The Murdaugh Money Trials report was produced, edited and narrated by Chloe Gee, who has worked for Beaufort County TV for a year as Content Specialist. As Content Specialist, Gee has worked on many projects including a sports show called Lowcountry All Stars, daily news headlines as well as various festivals, tournaments and special events around the County. She is also Social Media Specialist for Beaufort County.

“Live Work Play” was created by and is produced by Beaufort County TV Production Specialist Troy Matthews. Troy has worked for Beaufort County TV for four years and has worked on an array of projects including the incredibly successful Gas Station TV series, live productions of meetings, graduations and events as well as assisting with filming many projects.

“I’m extremely proud of Troy and Chloe and we’re so lucky to have them on our team, however, I can’t say that I’m surprised,” BCTV Director Tony Virga said in a news release. “We have an unbelievable team here at Beaufort County Television and I’m so happy their creativity and hard work has resulted in winning these two coveted awards. Being part of the television industry for more than 20 years, I am incredibly impressed with the talent and professionalism of the entire County broadcast team.”

Beaufort County TV has previously received several Southeastern EMMY awards, however these are the first Telly Awards awarded to BCTV. BCTV can be found on Hargray – Chs. 9 and 417; Comcast – Ch. 2; Spectrum – Ch. 1304. BCTV also streams live on and through the FREE BCTV APP available on ROKU, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire.

The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens. Founded in 1979 to honor local, regional and cable television commercials, with non-broadcast video and television programming added soon after, the award has evolved with the rise of digital video to include branded content, documentary, social media, immersive and more. The Telly Awards today celebrates the best work in the video medium in an exciting new era of the moving image on and offline.