local-designer-bagInspiring young entrepreneur, Tiffany Anisette, hits the road with her unique, recently-patented creation.

Tiffany Anisette of Bluffton, SC, has designed a laptop handbag, fondly called the B.A.G. (Business Active Girl), which has just received a patent from the U.S. patent office on its revolutionary design.  The B.A.G. looks like a handbag but is large enough to comfortably fit up to a 17 inch laptop; it has wheels and an extendable handle, allowing it to be easily transported without damage or strain to the back, neck or shoulders.

“In today’s world, women wear many hats.  We care for our children, our husbands, our jobs, and our social lives.  Whether we admit it or not, sometimes life can become overwhelming,” said Anisette, a wife and mother of two boys.  “My goal with the B.A.G. is to give women something to make their lives simpler.  On a daily basis we carry so many things with us and it’s tough to find a large enough purse, handbag, carry-on bag, or baby changing bag to hold everything, especially something that is color coordinated and fashionable.  The B.A.G. is ideal for those who want to combine comfort, practicality and style.  You can wear it over your shoulder or if it’s too heavy to carry, you can pull it along.”

As a massage therapist for 11 years, Anisette discovered that many of her female clients were suffering from pain and injuries caused by the heavy bags that they carried.  “During my career as a massage therapist and having the need to carry a laptop with a portable printer, I was unable to find a laptop bag on wheels with enough flair to complement my style,” said Anisette.  “The B.A.G. is designed to help prevent injury and to add style.”

The B.A.G. has the functionality of a traditional laptop bag combined with the features of a design handbag including top quality Italian leather, a range of attractive colors and eye-catching hardware.  It has plenty of pockets and compartments to organize your possessions, including pockets to hold business cards.  The sleek bag, with a unique mold, is designed to change the way women of all ages carry handbags.

Currently the B.A.G. is available online at www.tiffanyanisette.com or by calling customer service at 770.918.1409. Soon it will be available in department stores and boutiques throughout the U.S.

“I’ve been receiving a lot of interest from large department stores and smaller boutiques,” said Anisette.  “The pieces are in place, with marketing and merchandising, and I’m now spending more time on the road to show off the B.A.G.”

Trips to New York City, the design capital of the U.S., among other areas, are on her travel itinerary.  And while Anisette is not traveling for the B.A.G., she is speaking at area schools and organizations on entrepreneurship, as well as empowerment.  Anisette is the author of “Dare to Be a Diamond” and speaks to women and youth about finding the diamond in themselves.  Anisette has a real life Cinderella story, having overcome abuse, neglect and molestation.  She was raised in Beaufort and now lives in Bluffton with her husband and two sons.

“I’ve learned that you have to work hard for what you want,” said Anisette.  “I’ve also learned you have to forgive.  Those are two messages I want to leave with my audience.”

Anisette earned a bachelor of arts degree in business management from Park University (Beaufort campus) and her MBA from Webster University (Beaufort).   She opened her massage therapy business at age 22 and started developing the B.A.G. in 2005.  In just 16 weeks she saw the B.A.G. grow from an idea to an actual product through an online reality show she participated in, “16 Week Challenge”.  Besides the B.A.G., raising two children (who are state chess champions at age eight and nine) and inspirational speaking, she volunteers at the battered women’s shelter giving massages to the women.  Anisette is also the local, area and division champion of Toastmasters and competing in the state championship this month.

At 30-years-old, Anisette has seen a lot and experienced a lot, and has used these experiences to become a successful entrepreneur, already on her second business.   She strives to help women and children in every way she knows how, including the development of the B.A.G. to provide style and promote good health in women’s lives.  For more information on the B.A.G., please visit www.tiffanyanisette.com or call customer service at 770.918.1409.