Join South Carolina ETV and local community organizations on Monday, July 24 from 6 – 8 USC-Beaufort’s Center for the Arts to participate in a resource fair in conjunction with SCETV’s final Indie Lens Pop-Up film collection, The Bridge Builders Collective.

The free Lowcountry Community Resource Fair is “building a bridge” between community organizations and the communities they serve. The Lowcountry Community Resource Fair will feature organizations in the area that operate with the purpose of serving their community and community members. The event will allow organizations to share what programs or services they offer to the local community and provide a free screening of the Independent Lens Bridge Builders collective series. Community members should join if they’re interested in learning more about how local community organizations can assist in their daily lives or if they’re interested in finding a new volunteer opportunity. Community members should also attend if they have an interest in independent films and would like to view the collection to see how similar organizations are making an impact across the country.

A free Kona Ice treat will be available for all attendees!

About the film collection

Across the United States, community leaders of different ages, backgrounds and geographies are fighting for criminal justice reform. Their work has tangible impacts on the lives of those around them and together they look to a future where no one is left behind. Independent Lens Bridge Builders is a series of short documentaries highlighting these changemakers and their communities, collectively crafting a picture of the reform landscape nationwide.

Participating organizations