Author: Mark Shaffer

Southern Circuit Screens ‘Kamp Katrina’

Kamp Katrina screens at the Arts Council on Friday March 14th, 7:30.In an interview during the South by Southwest Film Festival, Kamp Katrina director David Redmon stated that he almost got kicked out of Kamp Katrina for refusing to take sides during heated situations between the Kamp residents and property owners.

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The Agony & The Ecstasy

Southern Circuit Presents 'Apparition of the Eternal Church'Southern Circuit has a new venue – the Arts Council of Beaufort County’s Performance Space.On Friday, February 1st, filmmaker Pail Festa will present his film “Apparition of the Eternal Church.” In this award-winning film, 31 artists and thinkers listen to a ten-minute piece of music through headphones and describe what they hear. What all but a few don’t know is that the music is Olivier Messiaen’s monumental organ work Apparition of the Eternal Church. A devout Catholic and the organist at the Church of the Trinity in Paris, Messiaen wrote this music to send listeners to the heights of spiritual ecstasy.

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september, 2021

DEBBI COVINGTON: My Fabulous Cooking Show

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