headshot-ianhartHealth and fitness is a big focus for us – well, at least it should be. At the very least, it’s a topic of conversation and even debate… often among the misinformed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen marketing gimmicks being hyped up and sold to the unsuspecting masses that are desperate to look like the models in the infomercials; or, how often I’ve walked into gyms and have seen people doing a workout routine they just googled and printed out. At least they get credit for trying, right? Well, that depends on what they’re doing and whether they will see any positive results from their routine. In short, your time is valuable and you don’t get points for wasting it. So, to help make sure you don’t waste anymore of your precious time, here are a few things that sidetrack you from your goals and you should avoid:



1. Junk Food + Exercise = Weight Loss

First off, I have to say that by “junk food,” I don’t just mean fast food; I’m also talking about sugary foods, chemically processed foods and alcohol. The truth is, unless your fitness goal is to NOT see any real, positive changes in your body, exercising so that you can gorge on food is not the best option. Health and fitness is a lifestyle change, so making adjustments one at a time and sticking to healthy foods will allow you to set the standard and nourish your body before and after you exercise. Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. So remember, you can’t pig out and expect to look like a supermodel. Choose wholesome, real (not processed) foods instead.

2. Pills, Pills, Pills…

I can’t even begin to list the different types of pills that exist in this day and age, but in the health and fitness realm, we’ve developed a weight loss pill that miraculously burns all your excess fat up, leaving you fit, toned and sexy without you having set foot into a gym…


I hope that by now you’ve realized I was being sarcastic. Don’t believe the hype. These pills suppress your appetite and you will shed some pounds in the short-term, but what do you think happens when you stop taking the pill? Be wary of any pill that claims to permanently eliminate body fat and get you toned without your doing any work. The only way to see permanent results is through proper, effective workouts and solid nutrition. Anything other than that is a gimmick.


3. You Can Do Everything On Your Own

Don’t get me wrong – I give credit to all the hardworking self-starters out there. But let’s focus on your fitness goals. Research has shown that only a very small portion of people who make it a routine to hit the gym actually see real results (an underwhelming 11%). So what happens to the rest of them? Not much actually. Many end up slipping through the gym’s cracks, never to see the inside walls of the facility again. In fitness as in life, most people perform better with a support system. This can be in the form of group trainings, classes, a workout buddy, team sports, or simply a few encouraging words from a spouse after your workout routine.


Don’t be fooled. Deep down we all know what the right answer is when it comes to getting slim, strong and sexy. Find an experienced fitness professional to lead you, show up consistently and eat 90% healthy. And voilà! Soon, you’ll look in the mirror see the new you.

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