headshot-ianhartYou may need to be of a certain age to get this, but do you remember this sound?

beep, bop, boo peep beep, beep, beep boop… ctsshhhhshsh, zing, zing…

That’s right! It’s the sound of the old school dial-up connection. Can you envision still using dial-up in this day and age? Worse yet, can you imagine the rest of the world moving on to high speed Internet and 4G, all the while you’re still stuck using dial-up? You would probably go insane! I know I would. The very thought of it seems ludicrous, doesn’t it?

Well, what if your body worked like a dial-up network system? The brain’s connection to your body is just like the Internet. If you have muscular imbalances, which lead to back pain, hip pain, sluggishness etc., then chances are you’re still operating in dial-up mode. For example, most people who live a sedentary lifestyle – like couch potatoes and “office dwellers” – end up slowly degenerating into that old school dial-up mode without even realizing it until it’s too late and they’re in pain.

When you do certain movements it creates a pattern in the brain – sort of like paving a road. Every time you do the movement, the neural pattern gets more and more ingrained into your brain and body. Just imagine every time you do anything repeatedly it’s like pouring asphalt onto a road to pave it. If your movement patterns are correct, then there should not be a problem. But what if that pattern brought you discomfort and pain? You’d probably want to train your brain and body to create a new pain-free pattern, wouldn’t you? This means bringing more blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged or injured areas. You can equate tightness and knots and with a slow, time-consuming – and most times painful – dial-up connection.


What we need to do is break down those knots, stretch the tight and stressed out muscles and activate those weak and atrophied ones. This way we achieve a faster mind-body connection that will not only help us eliminate pain, but also:

·       Rejuvenate the entire body

·       Improve posture (have you walking taller)

·       Boost your thinking

·       Increase flexibility so you feel loose and free

·       Improve sleep


This can’t be done through band-aid approaches that just attempt to suppress the symptoms. Unfortunately, those things won’t change any neural patterns in your brain. The root cause is in the movement and in the brain. The brain is so powerful and so used to patterns that it’s been known to continue receiving pain signals even when no pain actually exists, almost like Phantom Limb syndrome. There is so much “pavement” lain for that particular emotion that it carries on with us.

Let’s make certain that we’re in control and on a smooth path, paving our way to a pain-free life. Don’t get stuck in the dark ages with dial-up. Resolve to do a program that guarantees to not only eliminate pain, but also improve your brain’s neural patterns and your mind-body connection, so that you can live a longer, happier, energized and pain-free life.


We showed our client Judy a specific program that includes some core strengthening, stretching and mobility and this is how it affected her:


“It feels like someone got in there and oiled all my joints and they’re moving easily and I have absolutely no pain now. It’s unbelievable. It’s amazing!

“The doctor reported that the bone density in my spine is thicker – bigger – and I no longer have Osteoporosis in my spine, now it’s Osteopenia, which is better bone density… You really have to try this program!”

Kids today won’t settle for the antiquated dial-up network, so why should you? Take the steps to find a program that is safe and effective, improves the function of your body and corrects your imbalances. This way you can move freely and do the things you love without giving it a second thought.


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