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TB in SC

Improving how DHEC protects the public from communicable diseases By Tom Davis That government is best which governs least, and getting nonsensical laws off the books and stopping attempts to add ridiculous new ones – e.g., requiring animal shelters to be supervised by veterinarians, banning midwifery and out-of-hospital births, subjecting homeschooled children to state supervision, to name just a few from the South Carolina General Assembly’s 2013 session – are among the most important things state lawmakers can do.

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Just one soldier

The luck of the draw had us in the same exit row from Atlanta to Savannah on July 10:  I, returning from a business meeting in Denver highlighted by an astounding Gypsy Kings concert at Red Rocks, and he, a soldier returning home after his fourth tour in Iraq. I’ll call him Sergeant T, to protect his name, and I’ll tell you he’s in the National Guard of a state neighboring ours. He’s 54, a grandfather, studiously bespectacled;  a man with a contagious laugh and a view of America somehow both hardened and softened by being (what he called) “in theater” for so long and so often. He says he’d go back in an instant and expects it’ll be Afghanistan when he’s next called up.

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On Getting Centered

The national debate grows ever more frustrating. Fueled by a media-gone-wild (they ought to have a show; oh, wait, they already do…24 tiresome hours a day) we become more polarized each day. And, it begs the question: How can we extricate ourselves from the doctrinaire doublespeak of the invested ideologues and bring some sanity back to our polity. As to whether or not we are in the ultimate battle for the soul of America, perhaps only the history books a hundred years hence will confirm or deny, but, at the least, we are in the midst of a significant test of the nature of our nation and of its direction.

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A Christmas Story

Our editor Margaret Evans’ wonderful piece in the last issue, about the locked church doors, released a special Christmas story from the depths of my memory. I always saw it as a kind of gift and it’s in that spirit I offer it to our readers.

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Five (Really) Easy Pieces

Wherein your humble opinionator attempts to debunk the mythologies of the ever-more-doctrinaire left. Hey, I think I'll call them “NEO-Comms” in tribute to Lenin, Stalin, Malenkov, Khrushchev and all the other Soviet heroes of communism who gave our ultra-leftists their very breath.

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What’s Happening

april, 2024

Celebrate with Catering by Debbi Covington

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