Author: Bernie Moscovitz

The FATTING of America

    On June 15, our first wonderful morning in Bermuda, we made the terrible mistake of taking our small resort’s minibus over to Dockyard, on West End so we could ride the ferry into Hamilton and have lunch. If we had checked, we’d have understood that this was a cruise ship day and, there she was, in all her magnificence, the “Immensity of the Seas” or the “Enormity of the Seas” (or some such name) and she was busily disgorging, from her gangplanks, 3,600 of our fellow country men, women and children and, despite my propensity for exaggeration, at least 65% of them were fat; and of those, more than half  were what the doctors call “morbidly obese”. Shockingly most of the most obese were younger; forties and fifties and way too many of them had walkers or those all-too-convenient scooters and, worst of all, way too many of their kids looked way too much like their parents.

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The AWFUL Truth

    A Note to Readers: Glancing at the airline magazine on the way home from Bermuda (I know, I know), it occurred to me how interesting it would be if one of those “Letters from Our Chairman” that say things like “we know how important on-time performance is to you;” or “our people care about our customers more than they do about life itself”, actually was just straight and forthright. Might read a bit like this:  

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Troubled Bridge

        The “Broken Bridge” has added a certain “je ne sais quoi” to island living. The event, described as “cataclysmic” by Governor Sanford, who choppered in to say something three and a half days after it happened (because someone told him they thought he ought to do that) and, whose performance in this situation gives complete credence to his campaign promise of as little government as possible (or something like that), has now become an everyday part of our lives. People check the webcams, leave a little earlier, fine tune their travel to avoid the worst of times and are “muddling through”.

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The Death of Civility

        Last week I flew up to Canada and had a very long layover in Cincinnati due to Delta getting us there late (about 31 seconds after the 35 minute planned connection plane to Toronto had departed). This gave me a perfect opportunity to research this column. Here dear readers, are some mind-boggling statistics from my purely unscientific and studiously non-quantitative, improbably-qualitative unrefined research:

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Giuliani’s Greatness

        This is neither a factual chronology of Rudolph Giuliani’s accomplishments nor a list of his qualifications to be President of the United States. It will also proffer no judgments as to his “character”. There’s plenty of time for the political assassins from both the right and the left to go after all the candidates and make certain we know, so that we can be perfectly “holier than thou” (despite all of our own shortcomings) where and when they might have stumbled; who they may or may not have slept with; whose limo or yacht or jet may have offered a free ride and how they either didn’t do this or did do that when they should or shouldn’t have.

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