Author: Bernie Moscovitz

No Strings Attached?

There are strange and surprising utterances coming out of the mouths of many Americans these days and they center on the billions-to-trillions in bailouts. “How come there are no strings attached?” is the overarching question. 

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Church & Statements

I drive a lot. I also pass St. Gregory the Great on highway 278 a lot and, at times, have had to stop and wait for literally hundreds of cars and thousands of people entering or exiting that church’s massive parking lot.

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It’s 4:30PM on Monday, November 3. The election is tomorrow but our deadline for this first edition of the wonderfully and beautifully new Lowcountry publication falls before the results will be known.

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A Vision & A Visionary for Beaufort

Since the beginning, Lowcountry Weekly’s wonderful Editor, Margaret Evans, has given this writer carte blanche. That’s why this column is called “Standpoint”. It contains my opinions and my analysis. This one is an unabashedly proud endorsement of Billy Keyserling for the Mayoralty of Beaufort.

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The Bernie Plan

At the very least, this might give us all a chance to catch our breath while we roil in the eye of this perfect storm of an ugly, yelling, screaming Presidential election enveloped by a an economic and fiscal crisis teetering on a crisis of confidence.

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What’s Happening

september, 2022

DEBBI COVINGTON: My Fabulous Cooking Show

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