Author: Bernie Moscovitz

The Healthcare Conundrum: Come, Let Us Compare Mythologies

This is one of those “fools rush in” moments. I am the 900lb Canadian gorilla in the room and the extent of my credentials in attempting a comparison of the vast differences between the healthcare systems in the US and my former Canadian home are that; a) I lived there for 49 years and here for 15 so far; b) my parents, who left this world in 2003 at 91 an 87 were treated in that Canadian system and c) I have experienced medical care and the lack of it, in each system.

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If You Build It, We Will Not Come

Kevin Costner’s fine film, Field of Dreams, provided symbolism for a generation: If you wished for something hard enough; if you had good unfinished business that you felt compelled to finish, in a good way, well, if you could dream it; then you could do it.

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Primary Concerns

A good friend of mine; a conservative, a Republican and a very successful Bluffton business owner suggested the other day that “if we could just get rid of our President, our Congress and our Media, we’d have quite a country.”

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The Between Season

This time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is fascinating. Things kind of slow down for a lot of people. It’s not quite the same as the French, with their month of August off each year (best time to go to Paris since all the Parisians are somewhere else), but you will often hear business people here saying “ah no point in that, you can’t get anything done between Thanksgiving and Christmas!”

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The State of the Arts

    It's 7:17PM on Saturday, October 13. The pink-orange sunset sky over the marshes is darkening and  a golden crecent moon is ascendant in the eastern sky. These are the days of wonder in the  Lowcountry. Fresh breezes, seventy degree highs, blue skies and little puffer clouds; the whirring engine of a small plane as it leaves the unique Frogmore Intranational Airport; smiling faces (just like our license tags say) and mine, all the more content because of the last five hours spent at the Arts Council of Beaufort's "Chalk On The Walk" celebration on the green field in the middle of what is fast becoming Beaufort Town Center on Boundary Street.

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Lender, Heal Thyself

    On the afternoon of August 17, “googling” the words “sub prime mortgage” delivered a list topped by the following words: Country Wide; No Closing Cost Refi – No Junk Fees Ask the Experts. 4 of 5 Approved.

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