Iris Jackson describes her new book Telling Trails as a “personal mash-up of writings like My Reading Life, combined with Wreck This Journal and a dash of Dr. Seuss.”

 It’s an “interactive poetry book . . . a great fit for creative types who are interested in further expressing themselves,” she continues.

Iris grew up in the Hudson Valley and has spent time exploring nature and her surroundings and beyond. Taking photos up and down the East Coast, she ended up enjoying the marvelous beauty of the South Carolina Lowcountry, where she settled. A long-time music teacher and current freelance jazz musician, Iris enjoys finding music in her surroundings, as well.

Walking with friends was always part of her routine, and when the pandemic made that less possible, local hiking with only a camera took over. The photos she took led to poems and then more . . .  and that led to a need to share. So Telling Trails, the book series, was born.

“As an Interactive ABC Poetry Book – Telling Trails visits each ‘letter,’ allowing you to read and enjoy,then show and share your own thoughts and ideas,” Iris says. “All that without technology necessary. Compiling ‘likes’ isn’t required – just you sharing your experience with someone special to you. Get out and explore – then the inspiration will come through you, with photos, drawings, letters, experiences and sharing with your special person – a friend or family member.”

Intrigued? You can find out more at The Beaufort Bookstore on Saturday Jan 29th from 10:30 – 1:30 pm. Iris will be available to sign copies of Telling Trails and happy to talk about how you can be involved in the Telling Trails Tour, book 2 in the Telling Trails Series.

Want to become part of the Telling Trails Community and possibly be included in volume 2, “Teling Trails Tour”?  Answer these two questions and you’ll see what’s in store.

  1. What is your favorite local place?
  2. What makes this place special?

Share your answers with Iris Jackson at The Beaufort Bookstore on January 29th, or at, and you may just be included in the Telling Trails Book Series.