Penny Beesley and Amy Whitehouse will be the featured artists at the Beaufort Art Association Gallery in March and April, with an exhibit called Art Beyond Boundaries.

About Penny Beesley

I work mostly in mixed media, spontaneously and intuitively. I begin by gathering a selection of

‘Downstream’ by Penny Beesley

paint colors and papers often inspired by the environment, energizing the surface without thought, and as shapes and design come together, I walk away for a while, then return. When something interesting happens, I work to bring cohesion and closure. Sometimes it takes a long time! Penny Beesley was raised in an art-loving family; weekends were often spent at her fathers elbow in his studio. Art was a focal point during high school followed by Eastern Michigan University, attaining a BFA in ceramics and painting. Inspiration and motivation continue to come from natures stimulus of color, form and light, a background presence of music, and the emotions brought on by them. She also finds a mix of media opens more opportunities for chance chemistry. The argument inside the skin has always been to be abstract and spontaneous, to follow the push-pull. Collage media and mono print papers bring chance juxtaposition and build up texture. The exploration of techniques is a continuing learning experience.

About Amy Whitehouse

By Amy Whitehouse

Amy Whitehouse has been painting fulltime for twenty years, and has spent the last four years in the abstract world. Having time worked in the representational fi eld of art for many years, she was ready for a challenge and found it. Since she is Beaufort-based, the surrounding area often informs Amys work, as in her series, Coastal. These paintings express ocean waves, shrimper boats, netting, rocks slashed with incoming tides. Other work may express a stage of life, such as in the Passages series. Amy was experiencing a new phase of life and preparing for a move at the time of these creations. Finally, as in most abstract work, Amys paintings express emotions, be they joyous ones or those of struggle. Always her hope is for the viewer to experience personal, individual responses to her artwork.

Join the artists for an opening night reception on March 1, 5-8 pm, at the BAA Gallery, 913 Bay Street.