LutherSalyersBook“In a fantasy world where religion and nationalism are the driving forces between the races of their world, one’s miracle is the other’s abomination. In The Siege of Sternz, these conflicts come to an epic climax with both sides fighting to defend their beliefs and save their people in The Siege of Sternz . . . “

LutherSalyers headshotThus reads the overview of Book One – The Siege of Sternz – in Luther Salyers’ new fantasy series The Unbroken. Luther has studied battle strategy from a young age and enjoyed fantasy books from his first reading of King Arthur in elementary school. He has always loved creating stories in his head and finally decided to use his knowledge of history and his love of fantasy to create his own literary world, one that is unique and unpredictable, in his debut novel The Siege of Sternz. Luther lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he spends his free time with his playful dog Caesar.

Luther Salyers will be in Beaufort signing copies of The Seige of Sternz at 3 pm on December 8th at Luther’s Rare & Well Done, 910 Bay Street. For more information about the author and The Unbroken series, visit