The Arts Center is seeking authentic artifacts of Egyptology to augment the images it is exhibiting from the Smithsonian for its May 7-30 exhibit, entitled Egypt: A Sense of Place. This exhibit will accompany the Arts Center’s production of “Elton John’s Aida,” which begins in a museum exhibit of Egyptology.

The items need to be available for installation and exhibiting for the period April 29, through June 1.

Please submit a jpeg image of the item(s) to with a description of the item, its city of origin and the date of the object, along with your name to be placed on the identification tag as “on loan from” – please include your contact phone number(s). Deadline for e-mail submission is April 23 by 5 pm.

The jpegs will be reviewed for compatibility to the images the Arts Center has procured from the Smithsonian for this exhibit. The selection committee chair will notify the owners of complementary items by April 27.

The Arts Center is excited about this exhibit as well as having the community participate. Thank you for your participation.