Journeys3The Art League of Hilton Head proudly presents Journeys- People, Places, and Nature, an exhibit featuring the newest works of local artist Mark E. McCoy.  The show will run from March 3rd through March 27th at the Art League Gallery located at 14 Shelter Cove Lane.

Bluffton artist Mark E. McCoy has travelled throughout the world to capture the beauty of wildlife in their natural habitat.  “Going to the zoo to get a reference shot of an animal isJourneys fine, but I need to see how the animal behaves in its natural environment. Only then can I hope to capture it with conviction,” says Mark.

Each trip Mark and his wife take provides some kind of inspiration. A love of history and natural history has led them to such diverse places as China, Czech Republic, and Easter Island. The artist is always equipped with his 3 still cameras and video camera and averaging up to 10,000 photos a week during their explorations.

Mark’s inspirations can take many forms and are not always wildlife related. On one trip, Mark met a cheese maker who carefully explained his multi-week process.  As Mark photographed his care-worn face he knew this man would become the subject of one of his works.  “We were three days into a two week trip and I already knew I Journeys2would paint his portrait.  With the smoke house in the background, slightly out of view because he is the subject.” says Mark. Every painting is a memory with its own story.

Mark McCoy’s paintings within the exhibit will not be limited to any one subject or medium and demonstrate great flexibility and technical skill. The exhibit will show works in oil, pencil, and watercolor. The artist subscribes to the belief that, “It’s not the medium, but the results that count.”

Meet the artist at an opening reception on Wednesday, March 4th from 5 – 7 pm. The The Art League of Hilton Head Gallery is located at 14 Shelter Cove Lane on Hilton Head.