global-cassandragEstablishing itself as an international platform for artists to demonstrate their creativity and talents, the Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T.) is launching its second edition this month, presenting 1500 pieces of artworks by 227 artists from 37 countries. Many are highly respected, world-renowned artists, such as Philippe Pasqua. Pasqua was recently honored as the French Best Artist 2011 – this will be his premiere exhibition in Taiwan.

Why should Lowcountry Weekly readers care about an international art exhibit opening in Taiwan? Because our own Cassandra Gillens has been honored with a spot among these world-class artists! Born and educated in Boston, Cassandra now makes her home in the Lowcountry, where she paints the culture of the Sea Islands in simple, fauvist forms and figures of vivid saturated color. We congratulate Cassandra for being part of this spectacular global exhibit! To view more of her work, visit



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