Fish and Fowl by Hazen Culley will be presented by the House of Ahhs beginning the second week of May and continuing though the month of May.

If you love the fishing life and the beauty of birds, Hazen’s work is for you.  On Saturday, May 9th, from 12 pm to 5 pm, Hazen will be at the House of Ahhs, for an opening reception. 

Hazen Culley, a true born southerner, has always loved fishing while listening to the bird calls in the surrounding area. Being an avid angler and hunter, Culley brings this combined knowledge to the hand-crafting, shaping and painting of his lures and backgrounds.
     After retiring from the  US Air Force and the insurance industry, Culley started making lures.  The original lures were actually used in fishing.  However, the lures did not sit or float particularly well.  Hazen decided it would be interesting to turn them into art work.  Simply entitled “Lures,” several of these artistic water scenes are on displayed in the Fish and Fowl show.  Each and every lure is hand crafted and painted, no two are alike, with individual and unique backgrounds.
    Much of Culley’s art is carved and then set in a delightfully painted background, as in Red Porgy, Egret on a Limb and Decoy.  The combined carving and painting gives one an intriguing 3-D portrayal of Culley’s art.
    Hazen’s paintings run from the fish of sea to the legendary mermaid and delicate seahorses to the open mouthed bass of the river.  Egrets perched in a spanish moss laden tree above a serene boat dock, the flying ibis against the dark night sky, a water wading heron highlighted by the red sky of sunset, bird collage or a diving pelican, all testify to the unique and talented hand of Hazen Culley.
    Fish and Fowl, the first ever showing for Hazen Culley, is an art show you won’t want to miss.  Hazen’s work is economically priced for today’s market, but be assured these prices won’t last long.  Fish and Foul showcases art ranging from $20.00 to $100.00,  a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Now is the time to become acquainted with Hazen Culley, his amazing art and a unique gallery, the House of Ahhs. The gallery is  located at 1109 Boundary Street, uptown Beaufort, and there’s always plenty of free parking.  Look for the blue bottle tree on Boundary Street.  For more information call: 843-379-1800.