Beaufort Art Association recently announced the winners of its 47th Annual Spring Show.
Best in Show: Mary Jane Martin,  Condo Creek         
First Place: Mary Grayson Segars,  Palmetto 22
Watermedia Memorial: Cathy Keup, Beach Dreams
Photographic Memorial: David Addington, Beaufort 2000
Second Place, Robert Steinmetz, Rush Hour Third Place, Pat Kelly, Tapestry Bouquet
BAA Founders Award: Christopher Marshall, Oranges with Cobalt Bottle  
EBA Giclée Award: Sandra Baggette, Patterns of Light
Memorial Awards of Excellence:
Letty Lee Saville Award,  Donna Ireton,  Only Once     
Lissa Addington Award,  Ed Funk, Ghost Riders
 Memorial Awards of Merit:
Betty Gorman, Annie Estes, Stormy Sunset                 
Barbara Adamo, Renee Levin, Red Delicious Gala
Henry Charles Fienning,  Hetty Nijman, Drifting Along
Alberta Lubkin,  Robert Steinmetz,  Low Tide
Agnes Neighbors Carter,  Sandy Dimke, Margaritaville
Leith Paul Trask, Todd Visokay, Faith Jenny
Awards of Merit
Sandy Dimke, Faith                                 
Awards of Merit
Ruth Lines, Let There be Light   
Awards of Merit,
Joyce Howell, Mountain View
Awards of Merit, Phyllis Kaupp-Seas, Palm Tree Fruit
  Honorable Mention, Sandra Baggette,  Pale Pinks                      
Honorable Mention, Betty Powell, Rock-hopping
Honorable Mention, Kathy Crowther, Anticipation
Honorable Mention, David Addington, Sheldon Church
Very Honorable Mention, Pat Keown, Thank You
Honorable Mention, Mary Grayson Segars, La mujer vieja de la Republica Dominicana

 First Place, Kyla Singletary, Puzzled
BHS, Second Place, Phoebe Fiesta, Love You
  BHS, Third Place, Ashley Depew                      
View from the Bridge,
BCHS, Cheap Joe’s Achievement            Bonnie Alexander, Untitled,
BHS Judges Special Award #1, Charelle Young, Christmas in Beaufort.
BCHS Judges Special Award #2.   Cansas Cathey, Untitled.
BHS Honorable Mention, Megan Pruitt, A Mirror Complexion           
BCHS Honorable Mention. Stasha Zachary, Self Portrait