headshot-ianhartIn the last article I ranted about technology making us fatter. While I still hold this point of view, not all technology has a negative impact. In recent years some amazing strides have been made to help people track their fitness. This is the technology that I fully support.

There are heart rate monitors and tracking devices with GPS that can tell you how far you have run, how many strides you have taken, your maximum and minimum heart rate per workout, calories burned, and much more. Some devices even allow you to upload the information to your computer, graphing your entire training session for you.

If you’re familiar with the television program “The Biggest Loser,” then you probably know about the bodybugg®. Recently, the creator of the bodybugg® enhanced this technology, developing a new device that’s miraculous in terms of tracking your fitness and beyond, and is a direct counterpunch to the technologies that promote laziness. With this tool you can track your calories burned down to the minute, count the number of steps you take daily, gauge your intensity levels during training, and measure your sleep efficiency, which is largely correlated to weight gain.

A big issue that many people have when it comes to weight gain and loss is that they are not honest with themselves, or are clueless about how many calories they consume, how much sleep they get, how much effort they put into their workouts, etc. Tracking these measurements with a technological device will give you honest feedback as to why you are not losing weight. The device will never lie to you, and you can’t argue with numbers. On top of tracking calories burned, there are food-logging databases – some with over 50,000 foods – where you can log your food intake and find out how many calories you consume, broken out by nutritional value (like proteins, fats and carbohydrates). These are reliable technological tools to combat “fattening” technology. They let you know where you stand every minute of the day.

So, just as I said in my last article: Do everything you can to limit your use of fattening technologies. And if you’re unable to have a friend, loved one, or personal trainer hold you accountable, then let thinning technology keep you on the straight and narrow path toward achieving your fitness goals.

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