headshot-ianhartMany people are frustrated with their current workout routines, and even more disappointing are the results that most people achieve when they try to work out on their own. Did you know that 80% of people who join a gym quit going consistently enough to see results after 2 weeks? Research shows that only 11% of the population works out consistently and only 2% of the population sees results. I had been around the membership gyms long enough to see these stats play out.  Some gyms that I worked at had over 3000 members, but I only saw the same 100 faces. Since I ran personal training departments for those gyms, I knew that people who worked with trainers came in 2 times more often, remained members of the gym for twice as long, and were almost the only people to see consistent results. That is why I believe so much in personal training, and why I created a program for people who really wanted to see results and were tired of fad diets, exercise gimmicks and wasted gym memberships.

I can write about the frustrations that people have with trying to get a lean, toned and attractive body, or issues with pain and discouragement with current fitness situations, but a trainee of ours will say it much better then I ever could:


“EarthFIT was a very different experience for me. I didn’t really know what to expect, especially since I already knew my way around a gym and was admittedly uncomfortable having a trainer, a few years younger than me, tell me what to do.

“I was an athlete growing up. I ran regularly, played basketball and always had a gym membership. I worked out on my own but couldn’t seem to change my body. I used a combination of free weight and exercise machines and felt comfortable in the gym. However, after several years of this and really no significant changes or results, I just got discouraged. My gym continued to draft my monthly fee and I started on a path of inconsistency. I can’t tell you how many times I would get mad at myself for throwing money away, head back to the gym, work out and then get even angrier because working out was THAT much harder after not going consistently or working out incorrectly. I had knee pain stemming from an old ACL injury, back pain, and a lot of frustration.

“I came to EarthFIT after injuring my back pretty badly – I usually do it once a year and end up in the emergency room, worried about the possibility of surgery and not being able to work. I was assessed head to toe before anything else. Years of neglect and working out incorrectly had caused muscular imbalances and a whole lot of pain.

“I was led through their back program and, within three sessions, had almost no pain. I could not believe it. I was even angrier about all the money I’d poured down the drain with “adjustments”, ER visits, over-the-counter pain medicines, etc. What was I DOING? The fact that I came in limping and walked out the same night 100% more mobile was proof enough. I didn’t care any longer about being told what to do by a younger guy. I was ready to listen if he could show me how to get better.

“After a few sessions working on my back, I entered the regular training program and never looked back. I go twice a week and I am stronger than I’ve been in years, my intense back pain is merely a memory and I bust my butt each week realizing all the years and hours I wasted in a gym on my own. Now I understand that in roughly 2 hours a week I get more results than when I spent 5 hours on my own at the gym.”

– Gabe, age 34


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