fat-fit-leslie-beaufortAfter six weeks into my training regimen, I had a relapse…or an epiphany…maybe a little of both. Within 15 minutes of beginning my group training workout, I experienced a profound dizzy spell that I simply could not shake. In seconds, I recalled not having eaten anything of substance since 3 p.m. the previous afternoon. Yikes! So this is what a low blood sugar episode feels like? Coach Ian advised me to stop my movements, relax and lie down for a few minutes to quell the dizzying sensation.  While I did complete some semblance of the workout that day, I left feeling deflated because I let myself down and did not take care of my body.  Following the workout, I ate a sensible breakfast to restore my blood sugar level.  That day I learned a crucial lesson about the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet to support my new level of exercise and retooled metabolism.

Since I entered EarthFIT’s Fat-to-Fit Weight Loss Contest, I have found overcoming the increased level of activity has not been my greatest barrier to success. For me, the most difficult obstacle has been learning to push beyond the limiting beliefs I have created for myself. For instance, if you told me one year ago that I’d be working out intensely three times a week, I would have made a joke and laughed it off.  I didn’t actually believe significant weight loss was possible for me.  I would repeatedly fixate on a certain goal weight and my inability to attain it and consequently, never succeeded.

A wise and dear friend of mine once wrote “Visualize yourself in a body that supports you in pursuing your dreams.” Each time I show up and Coach Ian gently nudges me in the right direction with words of encouragement, I am willing my visualization to come true. Believing in the change you seek is a powerful cure to attain lasting weight loss. What I have learned the hard way is I am not my weight. The progress I have made and the visible results I see each day are already more than I ever thought myself capable of in personal training. And I’m only half way through the contest!

My progress, along with countless others who work out with EarthFIT, is to be celebrated and affirmed. It is truly the journey that’s life-changing, not just the end results.  So today I am “kind-in-my-mind,” and my body is ready to take the lead.


headshot-ianhartThough it’s important to take care of your body by eating consistently and making sure you replenish your energy with food, it’s equally important to care for your mind. Mind limiting beliefs What Leslie said struck a chord with me because, for many people, it’s the mind – more than the physical body – that’s keeping them from achieving their goals. I’ve met so many people who express their desire to get in better shape but are unwilling to do so because they feel it’s too late or they don’t think it is possible.

Positive thoughts harbor positive results.

A large part of the reason for training and the thing I find the most important about fitness is the mental advantage it gives the trainees. Each time they commit to training, it makes them mentally stronger because they realize they can push further and in the end, training is not “as bad” as they imagined. They become more positive and then an amazing thing happens – they begin to believe in themselves and realize they can actually control their metabolism and how they look.

There is a quote that says: “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” Habits create the way people look and act and are the difference between being in shape and out of shape.

A coach and a team can take you beyond what you thought was ever possible. They can help change habits and thought patterns. That’s why group personal training has been such a success for our clients.

“In life and in competition, good character is the foundation of everything. We build our character by taking chances, accepting challenges, and helping others meet their goals.” This quote is from a book written by Kyle Maynard, a state champion and collegiate wrestler who was born with legs that stop at the knees and arms ending at the elbows. It took courage for him to face people with physical advantages over him. And it takes courage for people to change their lifestyles and step into a training facility; but the rewards are endless when goals are reached.

I congratulate Leslie because she has stayed focused and positive through the entire training regimen. She has watched her actions and changed her habits and is benefitting immensely.

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