headshot-ianhartYour Freedom is being stripped away, right out from under your nose. It’s so gradual that you don’t even notice it. Little by little…

•     Your energy is declining

•     Your blood pressure is rising

•     Your cholesterol is on its way up

•     Toxins are building and building in your body

•     Your immune system is getting weaker

•     Your joints, tendons and muscles are becoming more inflamed

•     Fat gain comes faster

•     The ability to cope with stress is lowered


The harmful shackles of our society are almost inescapable. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you go, unhealthy, body-damaging substances are right in front of you:

1.    Trying to make you believe they are good for you (disguised as healthy)

2.    Tempting you and enticing you to “just have one”

3.    Making you addicted, wanting more and more


It is like you have been courted, unknowingly, by an evil dictator, and before you could run, you are already locked in the cellar. Oppressed for the rest of your life, unable to escape. OK, so I might have gone too far with this analogy, but you get the point, right? Well, it’s not your fault. With the brainwash marketing and “non-fat” this and “diet” that, you were unaware of what was happening until it was too late. But now that you are more aware of these marketing tactics and tricky ploys to make you a lifetime consumer, it is your responsibility to take your health and your freedom back, RIGHT NOW! So crusade against the oppressor: unhealthy processed foods, diet sodas, fat free snack, fast foods, etc.


A good rule to follow is: If you can’t pick it, grow it, or kill it, don’t eat it.

Eating properly is not complicated, but it can be hard to do if you are already enveloped in the addictive world of “taste great – feel like crap”. And for most people it has been so long that they don’t even remember what it’s like to feel good and have tons of energy. If you eat from the following list 90% of the time, you can be set free:


1.    Fresh Fruits

2.    Fresh Veggies

3.    Lean meats, fish, eggs

4.    Nuts and seeds


Sometimes I hear people say, “but I don’t like a lot of those things.” Well, do you like your body and internal organs? One hundred years ago you didn’t have an option? Just food for thought…

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