For example, when you decide to eat fast food instead of a healthy meal, you score one against yourself. Knowingly indulging in things that are unhealthy and consciously choosing to do what is not best for you, your body and your mind will likely create feelings of guilt, shame and remorse. When these scores add up in one direction or another (good or bad) they have a major effect on our everyday lives, energy levels, productivity and ability to stay focused, etc.  When you are doing the right things and fulfilling your potential, you empower yourself and help build yourself up.

One of my favorite quotes is from renowned author and entrepreneur Eben Pagan: “When we face a situation and we act on our full potential, we build self confidence, self esteem and self worth and we become more powerful literally instantly.”

After reading this I realized that this is actually a formula for greatness. This relates directly to fitness. Each time you put down that fast food or unhealthy snack, you score a victory. Each time you go to the gym and push yourself a little harder, you score a victory. Creating healthy habits and consistency will build more confidence and self esteem; fear and anxiety can and will dissipate.  Everyone one has potential, and it is up to each of us to tap into it.

If you want to create new habits, start now and don’t deviate. Stop committing crimes against yourself, because each time you do you throw yourself into a mental prison that can affect your health, income, the people around you and many other things. Win the war against yourself in small consistent battles and feel good about who you are and what you do.

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