lunch-and-learnThe Award Winning Series Lunch and Learn, presented by the Lowcountry Master Gardeners Association, returns April 13th with a long season of 22 presentations! Classes begin at noon under the gazebo at the Port Royal Farmers Market in Heritage Park.

Classes are free. Just bring a folding chair. For more information, contact:

Lunch and Learn 2013 Schedule

April 13, Beautiful but Deadly. Are there silent killers lurking in your yard? Master Gardener Dale Brous will examine the myth and mystery behind poisonous plants.

April 20, Container Water Gardens. Probably the most carefree type of gardening there is. Alice Massey has been doing this for years and she’ll have a few aquatics to share.

April 27, Yes, we do have bananas. Explore with Master Gardener Pat Lauzon what banana plants need to give you fruit. Some lucky people will take home a pup. Banana pup, that is.

May 4, Palms. The totems of the South, but so few reach their potential. Master Gardener
Lora Quincy will show you how to make them the focus of your landscape.

May 11, Divine Vines. So many plants; so little space. Let them scramble through trees and shrubs. Clinging, Climbing and Sprawling. Ideas for easy trellises or tuteurs, too.

May 18, Oh, Dear! We have deer! So how do you outfox a deer? Master Gardeners Sue Simmons and Natalie Bowie have some excellent methods to keep your prized plants away from those marauders.

May 25, Plant Propagation. By our own resident expert, Alice Massey. Free plants? What a concept. Bring an empty plastic soda bottle and learn to make a perfect little greenhouse.

June 1, Rain Gardens. Don’t they sound romantic? Master Gardener Joe Allard will show you how to make that troublesome spot into something beautiful.

June 8, Ahhhh Tomatoes. Haven’t we all longed for the perfect home grown tomato? And haven’t most of us given up? Master Gardener and seedling grower Diane Keenan will share her magic touch methods.

June 15, Ornamental Grasses. Their needs are few, so why do so many look bedraggled? Nurseryman Gary Baker will give you the inside scoop on the “how” and the “what’s new”.

June 22, A Garden Primer. What do Seattle, Washington and Beaufort, South Carolina have in common? Is it an annual or a perennial? Woody or herbaceous? Biennial? Self Seeder? And when is an annual a perennial, or when is a perennial an annual? Depends.

June 29, Invasive Plants. Are they invasive or just enthusiastic? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. We’ll give you suggestions for alternatives to garden thugs and show you how to live with those thugs you love anyway.

July 6, Drip Irrigation. Some things are worth repeating, and this class is one of them. One of our most popular classes. Chief Irrigationmaster Hugh Jamison will demonstrate the easy assembly of this work and water saver.

July 13, String Gardening. String Gardening?? You know there will be strings attached with this class. A charming new way to garden. Come and see what all the fuss is about!

July 20, Made in the Shade. Give up the notion that you can’t grow anything because all you have is shade. Some of the finest gardens are composed of shade plants. Ideas and tips for your Shady Lane.

July 27, Some Really Do Like It Hot. Most Lowcountry gardens gasp and go into decline during the relentless heat of our summers. Learn what plants are likely not only to survive, but thrive. Yes, there really are some!

August 3, The Fragrant Path. Plant breeders have long been sacrificing fragrance for size and color. Discover some old fashioned flowers that will perfume your garden stroll.

August 10, House Plants and Orchids. There comes a time when just adding fertilizer isn’t enough. Should you re-pot, divide, or refresh? Bring your orchid plant and we’ll help you re-pot it.

August 17, Camellias 101. These Southern aristocrats are second only to roses in variety of color, foliage and flower shape….and they’re a lot more adaptable to our Lowcountry climate. No garden should be without one.

August 24, Fall Vegetable Gardens. Is it time to plant a fall garden already?? It sure is! Seeds, tips and information supplied by our Clemson Horticultural Agent, Laura Lee Rose.

August 31, Transplanting a Northern Gardener into a Southern Garden. Learn to live without Lilacs, Peonies, tulips and other Northern favorites. What you need to know when planning a garden in this unique climate.

September 7, Keeping It Growing. We’re again borrowing a page from Clemson University’s play book with an interactive program inviting questions from the class to a panel of Master Gardeners experienced in the challenges of gardening in the Lowcountry.