beaufort garden clubThe year of Covid-19 is also the year when The Beaufort Garden Club needed to install a new Board of Directors. It’s usually quite a lovely ceremony with formal speeches, lighted candles and the giving and receiving of flowers from the old to the new Board and the passing of the wooden meeting gavel from the outgoing President to the Incoming President.


This year had to be celebrated in a new way. After a parade of member’s cars in front of the outgoing President’s home the gavel, which has been in the club for decades, was passed from the old to the new President on a long handled garden fork! Social distancing was maintained! Masked President Jane Culley presented the gavel to the new masked President, Anna Maragos in a semi-serious ceremony in Jane’s back yard. 

The Beaufort Garden Club faced this year’s challenges with grace and humor. A lesson for us all.

Above: Outgoing President Jane Cully presents the incoming President Anna Maragos with the club meeting gavel in a very unique way. With a garden rake.