Greetings from FASHION GRANNY!

I want to start this column out with a Big! High-five to the Ladies and Gents of Beaufort in especial, the town in which I operate, for their fine fashion statement at our very own Beaufort International Film Festival!

You did us proud in FASHIONGRANNY”S critical eye. Thank You!

You didn’t forget how to rise to the occasion and wasn’t it fun? I thoroughly enjoyed myself, not just playing dress-up, but living it!


By the way, for those of you who did not attend this awesome honor bestowed upon us, you missed a fun, great, and for me, elegant event. All FASHIONGRANNY had to hear was the word “Gala” and I bee-lined right to the closet!

Yes, we have an International Film Festival, everybody on the entire globe is invited, even our Homies. Hint, hint.

Let me also give a Shout Out! to FASHIONGRANNY”S readers and inquirers!

I love that you’re participating and your questions are awesome! How can I have a Q&A column without you? Thank You! Please keep those cards and letters comin’!

This week I have a question from a MAN! I am ecstatic! When you write a Fashion Q&A column, the majority of your queries come from women. We ask the questions.

You always wish a man would write and wonder why they don’t. Here is our answer:




My wife made me read your column; she thinks you are hilarious! I did what my wife told me to do (life is better that way) and I enjoyed the read. I’ve never written to a Fashion Column before, and the fact that I am now and admitting it…. do I have to raise my hand and say,” Hi! I’m Frank P. and I wrote to a Fashion Column?” The damage is done so here is my question.

Where is the femininity in women’s fashion today? I love women and I love the feminine figure, but I do not love being bombarded with TMI under the auspices of “Fashion”! My complaint? Too short, too tight, too low cut! Too much information for a Gentleman to receive!

The femininity is gone and I miss it.



Frank P.



Dear Frank P.,

Oh Frank P.! Finally a brave soul! FASHIONGRANNY wonders the exact same thing!

Your maleness balances my femaleness and we’re even now, because we’re asking the same question. We’re on the same page! There is hope for the sexes yet!

Here is what I think the problem is, and hold on to your seat!

Women have fallen for what is called “The Okie-Doke!” We bought a fashion lie perpetrated by misogynist designers and fueled by our own laziness and low self-esteem. How else can you explain the need to show all? Not all designers hate us, so why do we choose the trends that don’t have our best look at heart?

Should we get back to what we know looks best on us, and focus on that “best look” in all we wear; the beauty that is within us will shine even brighter! Fact.

If your best look is a starched white blouse tucked in to a pencil skirt worn belted, high heels and a little pocketbook, then wear that look all the time! Buy all those pieces in all your colors and fabrics, for all seven days of the week!

That’s the look Maggie the Cat wore in the Tennessee Williams play, ”Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”. In the opening scenes of the movie version, the stunningly gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor is seen stepping out of a ‘60s baby blue convertible Ford Fairlane, walking up the stairs, and just standing in this same simple outfit, and I tell you! She just oozes femininity and class, Big Daddy!

Every woman knows what her best look is. It is not always what she wants nor how she sees herself. That does not, however, constitute fashion resignation. It doesn’t matter what your weight is or your height, for right there is The Lie! I am tired of my kind thinking that you have to be tall or X amount of pounds to be beautiful or dress with femininity.

To you gals who wear giant tents because you’re a plus size girl, Stop it! To you females young and old with the need to show all of your body parts, Stop it! Those who like clothes tight? Loosen up! Those who like clothes loose, Tighten up!

Stop cheating yourself and our male counterparts of our best look! Who knows where it may lead? A brand new you? A dinner date?

Maybe even a compliment from Frank P.?


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